Xamarin App Development

Looking for the best way to develop your app? Do you need help in choosing between the cost (hybrid) and performance (native) benefits? Wondering if there are any more options

Let’s discuss Xamarin – in case you’ve not heard about it yet.

Xamarin allows you to build just one app for multiple platforms, using just one 

programming language and with just one team, producing native apps for each platform.

Xamarin Advantage

  • Native: Native UI, Native APIs, Native Performance, Native Device Features. With Xamarin, almost immediate usage of new features is possible with APIs.
  • Cost Effective: Xamarin platform allows sharing code among three different operating systems helping you save big.
  • Faster time-to-market: Creation of an application core permits reduction in the conception period, effort to introduce new features and maintenance.
  • One Language: Usage of C#, APIs and data structures allows sharing an average of 75% of app code across all mobile development platforms.
  • Powerful IDEs: With Xamarin, you can use either the tested and proven Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.
  • Easy publishing: Facilitates packaging and distribution of apps to the App Store and Google Play directly within Xamarin Studio.
  • Analytics: With Xamarin Insights,tracking real-time and after-crash statistics from your app is made possible
  • New age testing: Testing has improved due to Xamarin; less code leads to fewer errors and fewer bugs. Also, Xamarin offers access to thousands of real devices from around the world.

How can Mobile Pundits help?

Our mobile experts cancreate cross-platform solutions using Xamarin to develop applications for iOS, Windows and Android platforms.We have rich experience of building enterprise mobile applications to help you be successful on your next project.We offer you Xamarin based complete solutions by combining our expertise of Xamarin, C# and mobile platforms.Our Xamarin experts, right experience, and tailor-fit engagement models can help you succeed.


Make your app with Xamarin to blend all hybrid and native development benefits, while not sharing their drawbacks. It is the technology that gives you an edge over your competitors. Use it before they do.




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