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To provide a holistic view of the supply chain operations, the business processes need to undergo a major transformation. It requires real time decision making and ready availability of data.

Experts at Mobile Pundits bring in world class technology experience in devising solutions to help you solve your Transportation & Logistics challenges. We work with you to integrate Mobility and Cloud solutions with your existing business processes, resulting in immense process improvements.

Mobile Pundits helps you leverage full potential of Mobile, Cloud & Data analytics technologies to boost efficiency of customer acquisition, servicing, upselling and relationship building.

Manage your fleet and flow of goods

We can work together to

  • Improve productivity of mobile workforce.
  • Implement a comprehensive and cost-effective Fleet Operations Solution.
  • Use Cloud hosted business intelligence to provide real time business insights.
  • Collaborate in real-time to get 100% visibility in to your supply chain.
  • Control operational risks and optimize costs by monitoring assets in transit.

We can help you with

Track and Secure

  • Monitoring precise vehicle geo-locations using GPS at regular intervals for positional coordinates.
  • Tracking active location, speed and historical travels of your mobile workforce.
  • Securing access to vehicles and mobile assets by managing whereabouts of remote fleet.
  • Alerting & Monitoring services to ensure smooth functioning.

Fleet Management

  • Keeping track of mileage, hours of operation, stoppages, breakdowns, idling, speed control, start-stop time, and unauthorized vehicle usage.
  • Telemetry, reporting and archiving of information of interest.
  • Providing features such as reverse geo-fencing (for measuring time-in and time-out).
  • Vehicle monitoring using On Board Diagnostics (OBD) with real time access to service parameters like live fuel consumption, injection rate, exhaust etc.

Route Optimization

  • Optimized planning of off-line routes.
  • Taking real time decisions for dynamic re-routing to improve operational efficiency.
  • Utilizing data about open / closed / cautioned roads, from third party providers, thereby facilitating better route planning.

Job Management & Warehouse Management

  • Clear visibility of live job activities- orders, pickups, dispatches, delivery, returned products - with asset tracking using RFID / NFC / SmartTags etc.
  • Better provisioning and monitoring of inventory across facilities, for optimized stock availability.
  • Streamlining Delivery System by better demand forecast, and accurate production planning & control.
  • Tracking workflow from pre-goods receipt to dispatch, and task allocation to personnel.
  • Event Reporting, Tracking & Alert Management.

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