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Media and Entertainment

All trends and data indicate onslaught of mobiles on traditional print media and entertainment industry. Sample these numbers: Mobile apps now account for more than 50% of all time spent on Digital Media. Smartphone users spend close to 90% time using mobile apps. Over 40% of mobile sales came in from mobile apps for Top 500 e-tailers.

With reducing subscribers for print media and an exploding mobile user base, media & entertainment industry is shifting its focus towards mobile technology (or approaching a dual-focus approach at times).

Mobile Pundits helps you in making this digital evolution and turn this shift in your favor. We have been partners for many of the Fortune 100 Companies in creating platforms for digital outreach, interactive gamification of digital ads, new product launches using Omni-Channels of mobile web, apps and ads..

An ‘engaging’ & ‘contextual’ content is the centerpiece of a well crafted digital strategy. Mobile Pundits team collaborates with you to create rich digital experiences based on such content & help you engage with your customers effectively.

Manage and Monetize your Digital Content

We can work together to

  • Increase Customer Outreach & create a seamless UX to monetize the user base.
  • Augment the effectiveness of customer and marketing campaigns.
  • Retain customers & increase revenue opportunities.
  • Make your organization more dynamic by creating a strong mobile presence.

We can help you with

Media/Entertainment Platforms

  • Providing captivating media experiences such as on-demand digital DJ, DOOH service.
  • Developing content with multi-channel readiness, supporting various formats.
  • End-to-end publishing/e-reading solutions & media integrations to create rich & compelling content on tablets/smartphones.
  • Entertainment Platforms for managing TV/News/music shows/live band events/music streaming/selling tickets & merchandizes.

Enterprise Digital Applications

  • Reducing content production costs using automation, collaboration, integration of tools and workflow processes.
  • Delivering relevant content strategies and facilitating mobile media enablement.
  • Creating platforms for consumption of Digital Content.

Marketing Enablement

  • Managing digital content from creation to monetization to delivery.
  • Delivering highly-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns using mobile marketing services and contextual advertising.
  • Building online experiences such as interactive games to assist in target marketing.

Sales Empowerment

  • Mobilizing the most relevant content so that every client interaction is unique and impactful.
  • Creating powerful media content to address changing viewing patterns and business models.
  • Automating order booking and approval to ease the transactions at customer end.

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