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Enterprise Mobility Users expect a real-time, feature rich, seamless interaction with key Business Processes on-the-go. They expect their on-demand access to these Business Processes to be device agnostic. A winning Mobile Strategy has a great user experience at its heart. Let's see how we achieve this using our mBrace framework

Roadmap & Strategy Planning

Client Situation & Business Drivers
  • Next to nil Mobile Focus.
  • Fragmented solutions; No integration across apps.
  • Apps not customizable to actual big needs.
  • Security Risks / Limited Productivity.
  • Lack of anchor resources to embrace mobility.

Identify Key Users & their Needs

  • Identify Business Operations & their Processes.
  • Classify key Mobility Processes as must have, good to have & can have.
  • Identify key roles & actors / users for these identified Mobility Processes (E.g. Power Users / General Users / Field Users / Internal & External Users).
  • Discuss & redefine processes from Mobility Perspective & reiterate as needed. Make your users your Mobility Cause Champions.

Strategy Planning

Our Ideation Philosophy

Preparing a mobile strategy for an Enterprise entails heterogeneous architectural components. Our Solution Experts walk you through these myriad possibilities & assist you with making the right choices. This process has multiple areas which come together to run the mobile strategy in unison. The diligence in these areas is unique to your business requirements, constraints and challenges that you need solved and our Mobility Experts will help you in making that informed choice from the ecosystem.

Work of Art

Nothing speaks clearer than pictures and having done mobile development since Palm OS days, we understand it is easier to converse with visual designs than with text requirements. We embark on this step in the very beginning of engagement to avoid pitfalls later.

Our two pronged approach to creative designing consists of preparing

  • Skeletal Wireframes &
  • Graphically enriched Storyboards

Ideation with the help of wireframes becomes visually collaborative & interactive. Our team that has done development in wearable devices, Smartphones, Tablets and every other screen size in the ecosystem ensures that the designs will support all the Omni Channels suitable for your mobile strategy. You can be assured that from mobile browsers, screen constrained wearables, native apps, to handling content 'responsively’ we have got you covered completely.

Adoption of “Architecture Thinking” for a cohesive strategy

Mobilepundits helps you to prepare for the infrastructure to run the enterprise mobility solution, carefully considering parameters for:

  • Integration arch legacy back and system evalution.
  • Middle wave development (m-Baas).
  • Offline Storage.
  • DB synchronization across data sources (Cloud + Mobility leveraging Cross platform / Mobile web etc.).
  • Data Security.
  • Multimedia requirements.
  • App Rollout (Using enterprise appstore / MDM distribution).
For a Comprehensive, Long-Term Approach to Deploying Mobility

Welcome to the digital world of highly fragmented multi-device world! That’s not where it ends, it’s an equally maddening and chaotic world of Technology that helps you implement your strategy. Native Apps, Hybrid & Cross Platform, Resposive Web, Adaptive Web, Hybrid Resposive Web - and each of which can be implemented using myriad technologies. In our evolution from Palm OS days, we have seen the technology evolve and bet our computing capabilites on the promising ones. We use this expertise to define the best Technology stack that can be utilized for your mobile strategy.

Our practical approach to development consists of

  • Estimating the size of the application based on our past experiences.
  • Using an industry wide accepted Version Control & Agile (Sprint / Kanban) PM tool for progress tracking.
  • Conducting timely Visual Code reviews & follow through.
  • Ensuring that the development handles multi-device and OS compatibility. Test Processes & their strategy (Manual / Automation) are defined.
  • Timely integration of Mobile assets with Backend Infrastructure by using clearly defined APIs / Webservices over the Cloud or mBaaS infrastructure.
Ensuring Security by Design

Security has to be implanted into your Mobility Initiative from the very beginning and not as an afterthought. In many verticals like Banking / Finance, implementing these security measures are part of the Regualtory Compliance activity.

Our Mobility Experts will help you in embracing security from the inception stage while considering important areas such as:

  • Mobile Identity Management
  • User Access Management (UAM)
  • OTA Data Protection
  • Offline Data Security on Mobile Devices
  • Securing Data Access via Middleware
  • Securing Data Leakage (from Mobile Storage/UI Buffers)
Maintaining and Managing Development

Testing for Mobile is different from Desktop / PC Browser applications. You have these challenges:

  • Device and OS diversity (read as fragmentation),
  • Short release cycles (leading us to do Agile Testing).
  • Lack of mature testing tools.
  • A variety of network connectivity options.

Also, depending upon the MADP / MEAP used, the testing strategy & tools may have to be selected accordingly.

Our Mobile Testing Experts develop a holistic pre / post test strategy & test around:

  • Human Interface Guidelines
  • MobilePundits' Derived Checklist for Network, Storage, Interruptions, Notifications, Installation, Internationalization etc.
  • Usability
  • Application Performance
  • Functional Areas
  • Security Testing
  • Memory Footprint
  • Compliance
  • Post Rollout Monitoring
Deploying, Securing, Monitoring, Integrating and Managing Mobile Devices

Our Mobility Experts will help you in managing rollout of a collection of private, multi-platform apps.

Our experts will also suggest the best ways to make that happen using enterprise app stores, private app stores, third party appstores or internal hosted solution using a MDM.

Achieving many of your enterprise objectives will require setting mobile device policies as well as utilizing 3rd Party tools like Mobile Device Management (MDM) to implement them. An MDM will enable you to:

  • Centrally Manage Mobile Devices (Distribute and manage public and corporate applications).
  • Proactively Secure Mobile Devices (Specify passcode policies, remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices).
Handling Complex and Onerous Regulations

Having worked with some of the top tier companies in the world from varied verticals like Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, our mobility experts understand that a lot of requirements in your Mobility Initiative will be implied requirements because of the industry mandated need to follow certain regulations and be compliant with them. Our experts will help you to:

  • Elicit implied requirements not necesaarily stated in direct conversations so that your Mobility Initiative is compliant with standards such as HIPAA, FAA, Interoperability mandates like HL7, etc.
  • Use Geo-fencing rules to enforce Location-related compliance.
  • Comply with Data Privacy regulations.
Where Hardware is part of a Connected Experience

Some of the Mobile Applications need integration with Hardware. Some of these hardware can be proprietary and some can follow industry set standards. It’s important that we give them their due consideration while formulating your Mobile Initiative. Our Mobile Experts have been dealing with such hardware since our inception years back in 2003. Back then it used to be known more popularly as M2M, which we today know as Internet of Things. We have seen its heavy usage in Retail, Logistics, Energy & Healthcare industries.

Our IoT Experts will help you in integrating the hardware as part of a meaningful Mobile Initiative by taking into consideration:

  • Communication Protocol to be used for Device-App interaction (Bluetooth, RF, NFC, TCP / IP, UDP, Serial-RS-232, MQTT, Zigbee)
  • Securing the Device Connectivity.
  • Porting Apps to make use of new generation Hardware.
  • Using a Middleware (like WSO2) for scaling device integrations.

Bullet Proofing your Mobile Strategy

  • Prioritize critical / major business processes & roles to be mobile enabled.
  • Build a PoC ( Proof of Concept ) for a subset of these business functions.
  • Have provisions for a close group alpha release & monitor the uptake & review mobile usage diagnostics.
  • Use PoC to refine the mobility approach iteratively.

Execute & Deploy

  • Prioritize functionality requirements based on business processes & functions scoped earlier.
  • Divide the roadmap into phases, and follow an Agile SCRUM methodology to realize the product incrementally in each phase.

Support, Maintain & Evolve Mobile Initiative

After you have successfully rolled out your Mobile Initiative, its about time to start thinking about its upkeep. Plan for its Support & Maintenance and also think about how to Evolve it further. Mobile Technology landscape changes every few months, so if you need to ride that wave - your initiatives around Mobility may need to adapt themselves and make use of the latest that the technology has to offer.

MobilePundits with its expert team in various technologies can help you sustain the application upkeep with a flexibly structured team suitable for your budget and offer an on going support, maintenance and evolution of your product.


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