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Exponential adoption of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud paradigms has opened new avenues and paved the way for Digital Transformation.

With technological shifts and shrinking IT budgets, Enterprises today need smarter, faster and efficient ways to develop solutions to surpass growing competition. Controlling the Cost of Quality (CoQ) using tools, automation and re-use helps in lowering overall cost of product ownership.

Mobile Pundits has setup a dedicated 'Test Center for Excellence' to cater to 'Goal Driven' testing needs for delivering high quality applications. Our TCoE brings together, the framework, people, process, technology and intelligent tools to drive quality in every phase of the application lifecycle—from planning, analysis & designing, to building, testing, deploying and going live in production.

Mobile Pundits’ Quality Assurance Experts take a panoramic view of your project from inception and set appropriate measures for meeting the desired Quality Goals considering that some testing can only be performed in Ops condition i.e. TestOps.

Mobile Pundits’ areas of expertise cover testing for varied platforms covering Mobile Applications, Cloud Implementations, Device Sensors/IoT on various aspects like functionality, regulatory compliance, security, performance and scalability testing.

Cloud SMAC Based Enterprise Testing

  • Consultation for right Testing Strategy for Cloud Enterprises.
  • Quality Assurance for Applications leveraging SAAS, PAAS, XAAS.
  • End to End Testing for Hybrid on Premise, Cloud and Third Party Architecture.
  • Testing for Enterprise apps undergoing Cloud Migration.
  • Access various Cloud based offerings for DevOps requirements.
  • Engineering Automation scripting to deliver high performance.
  • Security and Compliance Testing.
  • Scalability and Performance Testing.

Mobile Application Testing

  • End To End Quality Assurance for Native, Hybrid & Mobile Web Applications.
  • Static and Dynamic Code Analysis.
  • Functional, Usability, Interruption Testing.
  • GPS/Location based Testing.
  • Device Compatibility Testing across Devices and Browsers.
  • Installation, Upgrade and Localization Testing.
  • Performance Testing for Load, Stress and Spike.
  • Security Testing for Data Protection, File permission & Injections.
  • Automated Build Provisioning and Deployments.
  • Leverage DeviceAnyWhere and Perfecto Mobile for extended Device Coverage.
  • Mobile Application Automation Testing.

IoT Testing

  • Device Compatibility & Conformance Testing.
  • Test Environment Simulation.
  • Sensor Calibration.
  • Interoperability Testing with Other loT Devices.
  • Cloud Testing for Platform Scalability and Reliability.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Security and Encryption Testing.

Comprehensive mind map of our Mobile Testing/ Wireless Testing / Mobile Application Testing Services


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