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Cross Platform Development

The Apps vs. Internet debate will continue…to be irrelevant. It's not a question of either / or when it comes to a choice between apps vs. the mobile Web, but both. Welcome to the Cross Platform Gold Rush!

There has to be a better way for doing Enterprise mobile application development and management across multiple channels and platforms than simply going native on each platform.

Meet Cross Platform Development MDAP that fills this gap, some of them being Open Source like PhoneGap have a good traction in enterprise space. Only a certain type of Enterprise applications are in a position of leveraging this unique approach and derive considerable cost/time benefits

MobilePundits’ PhoneGap Edge

  • Experienced PhoneGap Mobile App Consulting.
  • Certified Sencha Experts on the team.
  • Mobile automated UI Testing and performance monitoring.
  • Multi-year experience in enabling PhoneGap powered apps since PhoneGap's inception.

Five stages in the Life of a Cross Platform App

Hybrid apps are a trade-off between pure native and web apps. To achieve the best of the balance of a native and web application, Cross-Platform Development Experts at MobilePundits follow a structured approach for leveraging the benefits of PhoneGap's Cross-Platform / Hybrid Tool. Combined with our mBrace framework, we focus on a unified delivery across multiple channels and device platforms.

Xamarin Advantage with MobilePundits

Our Xamarin experts, right experience, and tailor-fit engagement models can help you succeed. 

  • Xamarin App Development: With deep knowledge of Xamarin Platform & expert multi-platform developers, we guarantee an exceptional quality application for your enterprise.
  • Xamarin Mobile Strategy & Consultation: With our broad mobile experience and passion for modern development processes and latest technological changes, we shall be your to-go mobile strategy consultant. Read our mBrace framework for more details.
  • App Porting & Migration: Our team will work with you to assess your existing apps and then work out a migration path to deliver a high performance and visually rewarding Xamarin solution

React Native to build High Quality Mobile Apps

  • It’s all about UI: With React Native, you will experience highly responsive and fluid apps, and quicker load times due to asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native environment.
  • JavaScript Code Library: With years of experience with JavaScript, we can work with you to develop React Plugins, React Interactive UI, React Web development, and complete development of your React Native app.
  • Augmenting Existing App: By incorporating React Native components into your app’s code or by using plugins, we augment your existing apps – reducing time and resource requirement.
  • Future Proofing: We are one of the earliest adopters of React and React Native, and we invest in keeping pace with new technologies. We keep abreast of new developments and libraries to create the best app for you.

Exceptional Mobile Experiences with Flutter

  • Attractive UI: We create breathtaking yet natural designs for your native mobile applications using Flutter.
  • Flexible APIs: Using the functional and reactive framework, we build beautiful yet sophisticated UI designs.
  • Connecting and Drawing: Using the flutter app development framework, we create apps that use camera, animation, Geolocation, network, storage, and 3rd party SDKs.
  • Cost effective: We create extensible and customizable apps that have faster and better native performance, in record development time.

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