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Mobile Application Porting

Ensuring Cross-Platform availability of Mobile Applications & Products with our Mobile Porting & Re-Engineering Services.

Missed the mobile bus? Or straining to keep your mobile offerings refreshed with the constantly evolving mobile ecosystem.

Don't fret, for we have ready help at hand – our Mobile Porting & Re-Engineering Services.

Having deep understanding of device ecosystem, our Re-engineering Experts specialize in porting mobile applications or using cross platform MADPs/MEAPs to deliver constantly evolving applications.

Mobile Pundits Porting Capabilities Include:

  • Re - engineering legacy apps to smart devices ( Phone and Tablets ).
  • Intra-platform porting - OS up-gradation, new feature addition or integration.
  • MPlatfrom & Device Capability Assessments.
  • Cross platform porting - Porting from one mobile platform to another.
  • Porting to multiple devices - Multiple devices running on same platform but having different device characteristic.
  • Interoperability testing.

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