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PhoneGap Development

Developing applications for multiple platforms and mobile devices using PhoneGap.

Cross platform development like PhoneGap (now Apache Cordova) is developer's democracy for creating applications for multiple platforms, display sizes, using a single development tool of choice. Heavily relying on HTML5, CSS3 as the development technology, PhoneGap is enabling the developers to use existing web development skills to create quasi-native/hybrid applications.

PhoneGap is an cross platform development tool that allows you to author native applications with web technologies. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best i.e. HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap offers support for major smart phone platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Bada thus offering most wide range of cross platform support.

Mobile Pundits' expert PhoneGap developer team can help you with Cross Platform mobile development of:

Enterprise Mobile Application Development using PhoneGap:
Enterprise Mobile Apps, irrespective of whether being used by vendors or employees, are required to integrate securely with backend systems in order to handle sensitive data. Data security during this transit and on the mobile device has to be ensured. Some apps require continued access to the data even when device goes offline. Mobile Pundits offers PhoneGap based cross-platform development for enterprises with multiple mobile operating systems and form factors in a cost-effective manner. We have done numerous Enterprise Apps for conducting surveys, field inspections, field services (Data Collection, Collation and Syncing), workforce tracking, asset tracking etc.

Mobile Commerce App development using PhoneGap:
Mobile Apps specifically utilizing commerce are of significant importance. Apps offering compelling, sticky & relevant services will most likely get paying customers either on SaaS on pay-per-usage basis. Mobile Commerce can be done using actual or virtual money and trade services, virtual goods, actual physical goods. Apps can do commerce more securely by using access to backend infrastructure or marketplace payment mechanisms to ensure PCI Compliance for merchants. Mobile Pundits' PhoneGap development team has developed PhoneGap based cross-platform Mobile Commerce Apps for merchants and service offering companies.

PhoneGap for Socially Aware Applications:
PhoneGap developers at Mobile Pundits can also connect to 3rd party Cloud service using Cloud APIs provided by various Cloud Vendors. Our PhoneGap developer can have a PhoneGap application to use Cloud offerings beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to integrate with Online Storage, Payment, Social Games, virtual currency & goods, in-app billing services etc. Mobile Pundits' PhoneGap development team has done many 'Sticky' PhoneGap based cross-platform development for applications leveraging social behavior of App users and building intelligence using sophisticated analytics to build upon the user experience. With Adobe's acquiring PhoneGap and announcing end of life cycle for Mobile Flash, there is a lot riding on PhoneGap's capable and vetted offerings for Adobe. Thousands of companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia etc. who have embraced PhoneGap and HTML5 for their cross platform app development needs.

MobilePundits, a leading mobile app development company has a dadicated PhoneGap developer team has developed brilliant Mobile Apps using PhoneGap. Our team of PhoneGap developers is also skilled at cross platform mobile app development using other cross platform application development technologies like Titanium, MoSync, Sencha etc.



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