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Education and Learning

Campus wide mobility gives the dynamic, mobile, and technology-savvy students of today a better shot at success, and the freedom to work, collaborate and co-create anywhere. Digital coursework, educational applications, and distance learning help create a cohesive system that helps in empowering students while reducing the costs of education.

With the flexibility and affordability of cloud computing, education system management is being simplified. Improvements in teacher training, consulting, automation of operations, content creation and management – all help in transforming the education system. We help you simplify the distribution of educational services, and succeed in the global knowledge society.

Transforming education space

We can work together to

  • Deploy Cloud & SaaS platforms for imparting Effective Education.
  • Improve productivity & collaborations for Faculty & Students.
  • Change how, when and where of Contextual Learning.
  • Develop an Interactive, Secure, Context-aware & Compelling Solution.

We can help you with

Campus Automation

  • Automating paper driven workflows to ensure management, security, control, visibility and compliance for your enterprise applications and data.
  • Streamlining administrative tasks, improving campus operations, enhancing productivity, managing classrooms & increasing campus safety and security.
  • Managing and maintaining campus resources and assets, and automating operations.


  • Managing instructional tools, courses, trainings, content delivery & assessments for continual education and training.
  • Virtualized Classroom for assisted trainings.
  • Educating by Electronic Books/Contextual Digital Assistants.

Connected Learning

  • Creating social communities for Students and Faculties to collaborate, discuss & share resources.
  • Developing SaaS enabled solutions to facilitate remote learning.
  • Developing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools for assisting children/students facing communication difficulties and developmental delays.

Research & Development

  • Creating simulation tools for implementation of advanced Algorithms and Heuristics to facilitate on-going academic research.
  • Creating Data Collection Frameworks for quantifying research objectives.
  • Data visualization and analytics for improving the quality of education.

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