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Strategy & Planning

If you plan to make your business, a Cloud enabled e-business, you need a partner who shares this vision and has the ability to understand your business and offer your users a compelling, secure, and consistent experience on the cloud. Executing a business transformation on Cloud requires a well crafted 'roadmap' reflecting multidimensional effort.

Adoption of Cloud Computing carries architectural, financial, process and organizational impacts. Developing a strategy and executing that roadmap requires effective project management of a complex multidimensional effort, an experienced cross-functional team that combines expertise across all layers of the infrastructure stack (network, compute, storage, applications) and extensive process reengineering expertise. Our Cloud Services Team will enable this exact 2.0 transformation for your business.

Enterprise Cloud Assessment & Gap Analysis

  • Assess existing Cloud Maturity Level – For Application Platform & IT Infrastructure.
  • Business processes/functions redefinition from Cloud & Mobile Perspective.
  • Identify Additional Client Offerings for Cloud Enablement.
  • Security Evaluation.
  • Scalability Needs Assessment.
  • Cloud vs 'Existing Setup' RoI Analysis.
  • Application Reliability & Performance Assessment.
  • Application Interoperability Evaluation.
  • Legacy Systems Evaluation.
  • Re-engineering Analysis.
  • IT Self-Service Planning.
  • Identify a Reference Cloud Architecture.

Strategy Planning & Cloud Enablement

  • Create a scalable, robust, and secure environment hosted on one or more high-performing cloud environments using IaaS, BaaS, SaaS or PaaS. Benefit from our IT-as-a-Service approach to align IT with your business.
  • Check Optimal Cloud Deployment Model to choose from - Public, Private or Hybrid.
  • Classify Applications – To be Moved, Retired or Kept in the data center. Begin with an application that addresses a real business or technology need and is a good fit for cloud's strengths.
  • Mobile app revolution - Push notifications, integration with social networks, Cloud Storage, User authentication.
  • Enterprise Mobility - Connectivity and Scalability with unified APIs and SDKs.
  • Abstract hardware - server, storage and network infrastructure.
  • Provisioning - independent, Unilateral, Rapid, Flexible, Elastic on demand.
  • Computing capabilities - Multi tenancy, Location independence, Metering capability, Middleware and application support.
  • Security - User and Application Data Management.
  • Resources and Process Control - System Monitoring, Controlling Dataflow.
  • Integration - Systems, Data sources, Workflows and Processes, API Analytics.
  • Presentation - Display, Reporting, Menu, Navigation.
  • Security - Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, Access Control.
  • Application - Profile Management, Workflow, Data Synchronization.
  • Operations - Monitoring, Customization, Provisioning, Backup.
  • Infrastructure - DTbse, Storage, Compute, Networking.
  • DevOps Tools - Process Automation, Automated Provisioning, Self service provisioning.
  • Automated Governance - Demand and capacity management, Lifecycle management.
  • Consumption Based Costing - Metering, Reporting.
  • Service Level Management - Resource Monitoring and Management, Performance Management.

Execute & Deploy

We provide cloud solutions that address process and organizational changes and IT transformational initiatives—helping clients understand, articulate and achieve the potential value of various cloud models.

  • Bring together people, processes and solutions to determine the right strategy.
  • Prioritize and accelerate migration of business applications into the new cloud infrastructure.
  • Secure the user experience & business workflow with Cloud Security imperatives without sacrificing control.
  • Ensure critical security attributes as data confidentiality/authentication, privacy & identity management.
  • Manage storage performance, shared storage and network flexibility and with our rigorous and structured approach, you get the speed, agility and cost efficiency.
  • Ongoing advice, shadow installs and training to support a clean handover where needed.

Support and Maintain

Leverage our Cloud Services for ongoing maintenance, enhancement, & training to manage the operations once the Cloud Enablement is complete. Manage user expectations by tracking and optimizing Cloud & Mobile Applications. Our Cloud Support Services is proactively focused to offer:

  • Suggest overused and underused cloud services.
  • Provide comprehensive support for optimal operational performance on a regular basis.
Best practices
  • Our consultants, coupled with High Availability Operational Support ensure your platform is configured to provide an optimal return on investment, and that the system as a whole continues to perform as per requirements and meets agreed SLAs.
  • Provide comprehensive support for optimal operational performance on a regular basis.

Mobile Pundits' Mobile-Cloud Expertise


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