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Retail strategies have to continuously innovate and stay relevant in today’s competitive Omni-Channel environment with rapidly changing consumer behaviors. Social / Cloud / Mobile (aka SoCloMo) is the retailers' new playground and analytics give the intelligent insights to fine tune the ‘retailing’ approach. Engagements with consumers today have to be made more ‘sticky’ to help boost Traffic, Brand, Loyalty, and Sales through your in-store and online presence.

Technology Solutions have to be effective, easy-to-manage and yet create an engaging and exceptional user experience for your customers and workforce alike.

With our ‘Award’ winning Mobile expertise in retail industry, we have enabled few of the largest Retailers on the planet for mCommerce, Point of Sale, DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) and Digital Marketing Solutions. Our platforms have facilitated better Brand-to-Consumer, Sales Rep-to-Retailer, and Brand-to-Retailer relations.

Empowering all Facets of Retail Business

We can work together to

  • Leverage Omni-Channel retailing options.
  • Assess your Mobile Opportunity to achieve higher sales & staff productivity.
  • Increase Customer Engagement and Basket Size.
  • Gain visual insights into Retail Operations.
  • Offer unified Omni-Channel shopping experience to customers.

We can help you with

Asset/Inventory Management

  • Integrating & Synchronizing Mobile Devices for real-time and centralized visibility of Inventory.
  • Managing assets using NFC, Active/Passive RFID, QR and Smart Tags.
  • Real-time Mobile Inventory Stock Taking.
  • Streamlining Ordering, Order Picking, Warehousing& Workforce Management.
  • Tightening the supply chain by integrating real-time Inventory with retailer’s POS.

Consumer Engagement

  • 2-D Interactive Games & Gamification.
  • Engaging Customers by providing In-store Entertainment, Portals, Targeted, Mobile Checkouts and Post-Sale support.
  • Increasing conversion rates with Coupons, Rewards, Loyalty Points, Notifications, Targeted Recommendations and Personalized Marketing Campaigns.
  • Enabling higher product discoveries with Virtual Product Catalogs.

Mobile Commerce & Payments

  • Enabling cashless payments using device independent Mobile Wallets.
  • Integrating Shopping and Checkout experience with PCI DSS compliant multi-platform multi-channel mCommerce Platforms.
  • Effective POS, Inventory & Cloud Integration.
  • Ensuring transaction visibility and security with context-aware device management, geo-tagging of transaction location and digital signature capture.


  • Supporting mCommerce strategies by appropriate Mobile Analytics.
  • Predicting stock requirement to improve fulfillment and reduce holding and shrinkage costs.
  • Interpreting sales figures, traffic patterns, consumer behaviors and measurement of key shopping metrics.
  • Analysis and visualization of Digital Consumer Outreach campaign data.

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