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Technology is an enabler for Healthcare Organizations to a rising demand for Quality Care, operate under tighter regulatory environment, control rising healthcare costs and achieve operational efficiencies. Digital transformation helps healthcare organizations to create optimal patient experience leading to better outcomes. Traditional technology approaches have to be taken back to the drawing board to re-vitalize Healthcare Organizations with new technology utilizing Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, IoT / Wearables.

Mobile Pundits helps Healthcare Organizations to leverage new age technology in their operations to improve clinical efficiency. We help you to make a difference and set yourself apart in the competitive Healthcare Marketplace.

Delight your doctors and patients

We can work together to

  • Better Patient Engagements and Outcomes.
  • Be Compliant with Standards such as HIPAA/JCAHO for Mobile Privacy & Security.
  • Control & Manage PHI Records for consistent, complete and current information.
  • Help Patients & Providers to collaborate Meaningfully at the Point of Care.

We can help you with

Mobile EMR

  • Physician to have access to patient’s biostatistics and longitudinal health information, exchange messages securely with patients and manage appointment requests.
  • On Demand access to Patients medical history, drug/formulary, allergy information, drug interactions, dosage checks, therapeutic checks
  • Ability to eRx medicines.
  • Integrating PHI securely with pharmaceutical, financial, insurance and related systems.

Wearables & IoT

  • Data acquisition & consolidation. Multi-line and multi-data display synchronization.
  • Connecting multi-parameter wireless bio-medical sensors and devices and give real-time display of Vital Statistics in Sweep, Scope & Strip patterns.
  • Integrating wearable devices to capture steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, weight, body fat percentage, BMI.
  • Data storage & analytics using Cloud.

Workflow Automation

  • Examining Healthcare Practices and leveraging mobile technology for its automation.
  • Providing secure real-time clinical communication to help increase staff efficiencies across the board.
  • Close knit Community Network - to allow for sharing of messages, lab results, case history, images, videos in real time.
  • Developing systems for managing cleanliness and OSHA Compliance at HealthCare Facility.
  • Developing eLearning & mLearning Systems for continuous education & training.

Disease Management

  • Increasing efficacy of health care initiatives & quality inspections by utilizing Cloud based Mobile Surveys/Campaigns.
  • Automating follow-ups, alerts, escalations and incident follow ups.
  • Automating Disease Prevention data collection campaigns using SMS, USSD, Native apps.
  • Ease of tracking, analyzing and interpreting survey findings, enabling improved care and patient centric future growth.

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