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As of 2015, 89% of the Companies on the Fortune 500 list of 1955 have been replaced by new entrants. The Fortune 500 List is fast becoming the Digital 500 List. The Firms today are grappling with continuously innovating stronger competition and those who can leverage technology are better placed for the next steps into the future.

It is imperative for Hi-Tech players to deploy Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC) technologies to differentiate themselves in the current digital revolution.

Mobile Pundits has been developing Hi-Tech solutions with customized engagement models around its Cloud & Mobility Services to enable Companies to meet growing customer needs. Augmented with diverse industry knowledge across various domains, our Hi-Tech Solutions have enabled our Clients to stay ahead of the curve.

MobilePundits helps you leverage full potential of Mobile, Cloud & Data analytics technologies to boost efficiency of customer acquisition, servicing, upselling and relationship building.

Experience disruptive & high tech transformation

We can work together to

  • Assist in R&D - Developing Simulation Tools & Data Visualization.
  • Transform existing Products to leverage IoT.
  • Quicken Product Release Cycles with sophisticated Automations.
  • Conceptualize and develop Product PoCs (Proof-of-Concept).

We can help you with

IoT Transformations

  • Devising new interactions using Wearables, Health Monitors, Telemetry & Telematics, Home Automation and changing Consumer Behavior with new experiences.
  • Facilitating mobile transactions, leveraging Cloud, providing universal access from multiple interfaces & facilitating intuitive interactions.
  • Employing disruptive technologies to track, monitor and secure access.

Product Conceptualization and Development

  • Competitor Analysis & feature feasibility studies.
  • Development of Simulation Tools & Data Representation.
  • Developing Proof-of-Concepts & Prototype Testing.

Remote Asset Management

  • Managing Devices & Installations remotely and actively.
  • Gain visual insights into remote business operations.
  • Creating new Digital channels of information dissemination.
  • Facilitating end-to-end Asset Visualization & Control.

Validation Services

  • Developing/enhancing custom built Automation Tools.
  • Testing & Lifecycle Management for Libraries, Toolkits & SDKs.
  • Product Interoperability Testing.

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