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IoT and Wearable

According to ABI Research, more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things by 2020.

Welcome to the IoT Gold Rush! Miniaturization of hardware, wireless connectivity and vast advances in processing power have just started a new wave of IT. Enabling devices to communicate and use Cloud for this software-hardware integration creates meaningful ways in which IoT will touch our everyday lives.

Over the years, Mobile Pundits has done extensive work in integrating hardware devices and software while using relevant protocols to design meaningful applications out of this union. Our IoT architects have thought through the problems of how to handle and store data, the types of architecture to build, and how to create scalability for enterprises.

Some of the fields of applications for M2M / IoT where Mobile Pundits has built solutions include:

Watches do more than just time-telling, clothes do more than just covering you up and glasses do more than just correcting your vision. Connected wearables are context aware of their surroundings and give their wearer an actionable advantage to events about to happen.

Telematics in this context refers to vehicular technologies for transportation, safety, parking, onboard diagnostics, assisted driving, etc. This information gives you complete, real-time knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralized, web-based interface. All of this information helps you in:

  • Reducing Labor Costs & Increase Productivity.
  • Controlling Fuel Costs.
  • Improving Customer Service.
  • Increasing Fleet Safety, Security.
  • Reducing Unauthorized Vehicle Use.

Effective control starts with analyzing data, and network monitoring is a big part of this development to put that data to a purpose.  To integrate SaaS and other Cloud applications with sensors, constant access to their operative environment and connection to Cloud has to be closely monitored to guarantee a unified operation. The amount of data being monitored is also exploding at a rapid pace, so network strategies may have to be thought through. Having developed heterogeneous IoT Solutions, Mobile Pundits can help you devise solutions around connected devices:

  • Remote Asset Tracking, Bio-Medical Sensors, Wearables etc.
  • Managing Smart Meters - A SCADA System using DLMS/COSEM compliant 3-Phase/1-Phase Energy Meters for Electricity, Gas & Heat.
  • Server Peripherals (card reader, thermal printers etc.)
  • Kiosks - ensuring data connectivity and interactions with hardware peripherals such as Digital SLRs (controlling the device to auto-take, focus for pictures, videos) and GPS devices for child safety etc.

Providing health care services and clinical information to remote locations is made achievable and reachable for masses with IoT. It has great potential to pro-actively improve patient health, desired outcomes and reduce the overall cost of quality healthcare. Mobile Pundits leverages its years of healthcare experience in developing platforms for:

  • Electronic Prescription Writers.
  • Monitoring for Health parameters (Heart rate, ECG, EKG etc.) and Environmental parameters (CO2, O2, CO etc.) for Extra Vehicular Activities in Space.
  • Delivering Patient's PHI (Protected Health Information) securely on remote devices.
  • ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) Platforms using custom integrations with FitBit (, Zephyr Sensors etc.
  • Automating data collection in Sub-Saharan countries for conducting telehealth/telemedicine programs (for Malaria, Polio, AIDs etc).
  • Medical Transcription Automation.

Use of handheld devices, along with proprietary hardware (retails tags / keyboards / beacons etc.) is very common in Retail Industry where Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Order Compliance and Point of Sale have traditionally used heavy technology implementations. IoT is offering immersive techniques - In-store, online, and on mobile - to captivate shopping engagements for connected consumers.

Mobile Pundits team has done hardware integrations using Custom hardware keyboards, beacons, NFC, RFID, Smart tags, Smart-Handheld Devices such as Sled from Honeywell and Android based Smart Handhelds from Intermec. Our team has also worked with mobile devices to enable them to accept mCommerce payment on-the-go using Verifone technology like PayWare Mobile.

European Union homes should cut their energy consumption by 20% by 2020 according to Kyoto Protocol. Nearly 66% of use cases for IoT target home and its automation. With so much attention to homes, the living room is the next battle field for IoT domination.

While Apple and Google are figuring out the next battlefield for domination (starting from your bedroom), we at Mobile Pundits have done a fair bit in automating such devices, using motion sensors, activity trackers to control home lighting and HVAC.

Allowing Smart devices (like Tablets, Smartphones & iWatch) to connect with Avionics hardware enables data collection over long haul flights which can then be better understood using Data Analytics. Mobile Pundits’ IoT capability has given one of our clients a leading edge for their FAA TSO Compliant hardware.

Catering to Civil Aviation using Aircrafts from Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, and Piper & Skycrane Helicopters, our applications help monitoring more than 20 flight parameters like Cruise Elevation, Fuel flow, Turbine Inlet Temperature, Compressor Discharge Temperature, Cylinder Head Cooling Rate, % Horsepower, Induction Air Temperature, and Thermal Readings from Aircraft Engine.

The data collected on the smart devices is eventually pipelined to Cloud based data storage where it can be visualized for flight data analysis.

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