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Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities companies are bottlenecked by their old infrastructure and strict regulations. The industry is at the brim of Digital Business Transformation and needs the flexibility to quickly deploy and adapt to future technology updates and innovations. Capitalizing on energy provisioning transformation, digital customer engagement, and digital workforce enablement is the need of the hour.

Mobile Pundits will help you stay ahead in these tough, competitive times and revolutionize your operations. With our cloud based and flexible solutions, you can stay agile and proactive with access to real-time data and information as events occur.

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Reinvent your operations

We can work together to

  • Leverage Data Analytics for improved operational efficiency.
  • Provide enhanced customer service.
  • Improve asset & field staff utilization.
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Reduce cost, drive efficiencies and enhance competitive advantage.

We can help you with

Field Force Automation

  • Developing scalable softwares for reading Smart Meters using various data communication channels like RS-232 / RF / GPRS etc.
  • Ability to integrate various kinds of Energy Meters (like Gas / Water / Heat / 3-Phase Electricity / 1-Phase Electricity).
  • Developing solutions for Industry standards like COSEM compliant DLMS meters.
  • Ability to read large number of Smart Meters in automated scheduled modes.
  • Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the field force with Mobile and location-aware technology.

Data Analytics

  • Business intelligence to enable Utility Companies to detect instances of meter tampering, cover openings, current reversals for curtailing energy thefts.
  • Understanding energy consumption patterns to forecast customer needs for delivering a consistent experience.
  • Enabling Utility Companies collate data from different field installations (covering different demographics etc.) for analyzing data and making informed decisions.

Network Modeling

  • Modeling distribution network hierarchy for virtual handling of network components.
  • Enabling Secure exchange of information across different layers of network.
  • Making the delivery network responsive using analysis of data gathered.
  • Improve performance of the distribution system by collecting, transporting, and analyzing data gathered from Smart Meters automatically.
  • Allowing real-time assets monitoring and management.

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