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Developing rich immersive web applications using HTML5/CSS 3 on mobile & desktop browsers

Optimizing for mobile, puts your business ahead of the curve and delivers competitive advantage. In a world where there will be no distinction between mobile and web, Mobile First responsive web design is our Unified approach for Enterprises to target PC Browsers, Smartphones and anything else in between.

At Mobile Pundits, our mobile web apps team is the catalyst for implementing this change. Leverage Mobile Pundits' rich experience in CSS3, Mobile Website & HTML 5 Development to embrace modern web standards for your business.

What’s best for your Enterprise?

Responsive web design is almost always the safe option to go with for your site. It always functions well regardless of what new screen sizes come and go, improves loading times, and is usually well worth the extra effort in putting it together. However, for some sites, Adaptive may be a better option. Consult with our team for what’s best for your enterprise.

Tactile Web

Mobile web applications need special considerations during HTML5 Development. Our HTML5 Apps team builds HTML5 capabilities into web apps to take advantage of functionality of the device form factor. The look and feel is also extended to be platform specific.

Next Generation Re-engineering on HTML 5

Blending our extensive expertise on web, mobile & hybrid Platforms, our HTML5 Apps team has been helping Enterprises re-engineer existing products to leverage HTML5 based applications & embrace mobility. We help enterprises adopt a decoupled architecture using APIS, & webservices for next generation re-engineering.

Architecting Enterprise Grade Offline HTML 5 Applications

Running a web application in offline mode without data connectivity is a completely new paradigm in web applications. With deep expertise in developing disconnected applications, our HTML5 Developers can help in engineering Offline Web applications to ensure continued access to a HTML5 web application.


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