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Our DevOps Software Engineering practice combines Agile concepts, Continuous Integration, Automation of Infrastructure and Code Management to achieve Quality goals and deliver applications in rapid iterative cycles. Our three pronged unified DevOps approach focuses on Architecture, Business Processes, Configuration & Test Management for delivering continuously improving efficiencies.

Knowledge of Agile Practices, Development Tools, System Automation and Scripting are required for Effective DevOps Enablement. Mobile Pundits' DevOps Team has unified the processes and practices to leverage benefits.

DevOps Assessment

  • Gain understanding of Business case for DevOps.
  • Identify Bottlenecks of existing system and tools.
  • Assessment of current tool chain, process and culture.
  • Analyze Project Architecture.
  • Assess various Cloud based offerings for DevOps requirements.
  • Determine Compliance requirements.
  • Decide on Key Success Metrics like Performance, Uptime etc.

Strategy Planning

  • Envision end state of DevOps enablement.
  • Change planning for People and Processes.
  • Understand Logical Deliverables and Scrum Sprints.
  • Planning for Common Repositories for Builds and Artifacts.
  • Define Deployment Pipeline and Continuous Deployment with appropriate configurations for the environments.
  • Code Management for Automated Scripts.
  • Decide on Key Success Metrics like Performance, Uptime etc.
    • Automate Code Compilation, Create Binary files & Package Binary Code for deployment.
    • Automate release deployments for Dev, QA & Production, leveraging Cloud and Virtualization.
    • Techniques like Chef / Docker.
    • Automate Test Database Preparation for specific Test Environments.
    • Plan for automatic Rollback & Deployment in appropriate environments based on Testing Outcomes.
    • Present Visual Dashboards to view Release Trends and control 'Bad Releases'.
    • Establish practices for predictable CheckIns to DVCS like Git, Kiln.
    • Create requests / responses for dependent and constrained system reducing Mocks / Stubs utilizing CI Tools (Jenkins / Hudson) triggered Automated Code Review.
    • Automated Unit Tests Execution.
    • Provision for Automated Smoke Testing & Build Quality Auto-Reporting.
    • Create virtual environments with production/Test data for development and testing.
    • Install Builds Automatically over various environments.
    • Cross Review for Test Scripts within Project Team.
    • Parallel Execution of Functional, Integration, Regression, Web Service and Performance tests using Cloud Services like BlazeMeter/LoadStorm.
    • Prepare Build for Release to Beta Testers or End Users.
    • Report Incidents with data for Ops, Dev and QA.
    • Automate Regression Tests for Nightly Builds with Automated Test Reporting.

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