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TestOps is a new thinking to ensure QoS on Cloud. Certain Quality Goals can only be viable in Production Ops and that's why TestOps becomes integral to a successful Cloud Enablement. It's a paradigm where both the Development Team and Testing Team have the same goals as Ops. TestOps requires a holistic approach that focuses on Architecture, Business Processes, Configuration and Test Management for Project teams to realize enhanced efficiencies in DevOps.

Effective TestOps Enablement needs sound technical knowledge of tools, automation scripting and cross functional knowledge about the Product. Mobile Pundits' TestOps Team overcomes challenges in unifying TestOps with DevOps to discover key System Level KPIs that objectify QoS for your Cloud Transition.

TestOps Assessment

  • Assessment of current TestOps tool chain, process and culture.
  • Analyze Project architecture.
  • Identify benchmark metrics.
  • Identify critical Test Environment for Application under test.
  • Determine Compliance requirements.

Strategy Planning

  • Develop Testing Strategy - Identify Risks.
  • Understand Release Cycles and overall Product Roadmap.
  • Define strategy for Automated Build Deployment and Automated Tests Execution.
  • Define various Testing Phases and critical testing for each phase.
  • Identify Custom Automation Scripts/Tools requirements.
  • Determine areas requiring Manual Testing or Expert QA.

1. Build & Code Review Automation

  • Developer checks in to Distributed Version Control System.
  • CI Tools (Jenkins/Hudson) triggered Automated Code Review & Reporting.
  • Automated Unit Tests Execution.
  • Build Quality Auto-Reporting.
  • Developer makes necessary Bug-Fixes and again checks in Code.

2. Testbed Automation

  • Real time Test Environment Creation.
  • Automated Deployment of Test Environment leveraging Cloud and Virtualization Techniques, like Chef/Docker.
  • Automated Test Database Preparation for specific Test Environments.

MobilePundits' TestOps Expertise

3. Test Automation & Reporting

  • Install Builds Automatically over various environments.
  • Parallel Execution of Functional, Integration, Regression and Performance tests using Cloud Services like BlazeMeter/LoadStorm.
  • Automated Test Reporting.
  • Prepare Build for the Release to Beta Testers or End Users.

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