Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Adopting & enabling 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' approach – Single code base for various smart phones.

Diversity of mobile platforms/Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry etc.) poses a unique challenge of designing and developing mobile applications that would run on all these platforms. Native mobile application development for each platform individually can not only increase the time to market but also increases the cost of development.

Combining our experience of developing native applications for various mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry), with expertise on web technologies like HTML, CSS & JavaScript, Mobile Pundits can help you with cross platform mobile app development. These cross platform mobile applications/hybrid applications access the native mobile devices capabilities, right within the mobile browsers. Making quasi-native/hybrid applications by accessing native APIs highly reduces the time to market on all the smart phones at the same time.

With in-depth knowledge & expertise of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, jqTouch, Sencha etc., Mobile Pundits helps its clients to embrace cross platform mobile app development strategy leveraging various tools such as PhoneGap, Titanium, MoSync, Rhomobile etc.

We offer our expertise in the following key areas of cross platform mobile development/hybrid application development:


Formulating Platform Independent Mobile Development Strategy:

The strategy for cross platform mobile app development is driven by the business/application requirements. Also, it is critical to choose the right cross platform mobile development tools and technologies. Mobile Pundits can help you with cross platform mobile application development strategy by:


  • Analyzing your business/application use cases to determine their suitability for cross platform mobile development
  • Helping you choose the most appropriate cross platform mobile development tool (PhoneGap / Titanium / MoSync / Rhomobile etc.)
  • Suggesting appropriate mobile web technology (jQuery Mobile / jqTouch etc) to be utilized.

Platform Independent Mobile App Development:
Mobile Pundits can help you with executing on your cross platform mobile app development strategy and end-to-end development of cross platform mobile application.

Porting Existing Applications/Software Products to Hybrid Applications:
Mobile Pundits can help in re-engineering key offerings/functionality of your existing products/applications into a hybrid application using PhoneGap / Titanium / MoSync / Rhomobile with HTML 5 / jQuery Mobile / jqTouch / CSS3 etc.

Developing Offline Cross Platform Mobile Apps:
Mobile Pundits can help in engineering and developing Offline cross platform hybrid applications, ensuring continued access to the hybrid application even when there is no internet connectivity.

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