World’s Smartphone Market Trend

Smartphone is a very common word these days and almost every developed and developing country using these devices. Many Smartphone makers are dominating the market and many are still finding the land for their products. Today many mobile operating systems are also available in the market on which these smart phones are working. Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS, Blackberry’s RIM and Microsoft’s Windows are some of the best mobile operating systems available in the market.

Here in this article we are going to explore the current trend of the smart phones market on the basis of devices, mobile applications, mobile platforms and Nations.

Top 5 countries for using smartphones

Here above mentioned list shows China is on top for using the Smartphones in the world having 32.8% market share. USA and United Kingdom comes into 2nd And 3rd Position respectively with market shares of 15 and 3%. Japan is also considered as a leading Smartphone user nation in the world. Brazil and India come last in this list but they are developing countries and having high possibilities of growth in future.

Top countries for using IOS and Android Devices

The image above tells the truth about the Smartphone market of the world where US and China is dominating the market. All these statics based on the active and installed IOS and Android devices in the respective countries. UK is also a big market for smart phones but far away from these two leading nations with active devices 43 million on January 2013. According to this report India comes with 10 position having active devices of 19 millions.

Leading Smartphone Brands in the world

Many Smartphone manufacturing companies are available in the market but only few are dominating the market and Samsung and Apple are few of them. Samsung leads the list with 33% of market where as Apple comes in the second position with 17% of market shares. In the past few years Samsung has emerged as a new Smartphone brand in the world with many successful smart devices. Apple is a pioneer of this Smartphone age and a huge brand name but Samsung is giving tough competition to Apple in US and Australian market. Apart from this some other brands are also available in the market like Sony, HTC, Huawei and many more but they are still fighting for their existence in the market.

Leading Mobile Platform in the World

Today android is one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world and dominating the Smartphone market. Apple is known for its world class products like iPhone, iPad and iPod but defeating the Smartphone mobile OS battle with Android. A few years ago Blackberry RIM was very popular mobile platform but due to this huge completion in this sector, it is now struggling for its own existence in the market. Windows is doing great for the past few years and still in the completion with some heavy players of this game.

Top Smartphone Brands and Mobile OS in US Market

Apple IOS and other products always appreciated by US and that is way Apple is ruling this market for a long time. Android is now growing day by day and now achieved US market share of 51.2 % in this year. IOS is having 43.5 % of US Smartphone market share comes in the second position in the list. Windows mobile OS with 4.1 market shares comes in the third position in this list and then other mobile OS.

If we talk about the Smartphone devices then Apple is leading the US market with 37.8 % of market shares. Samsung has launched it’s great devices in the US market including Galaxy series devices comes in the second position with 21.4 % of market shares. HTC and Motorola are also popular brands in the US market scored 9.7 and 8.6 % market shares respectively.

Top Smartphone Brands and Mobile OS in Australian Market

Australia is a great hub for Smartphone market having same players like Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. Android is dominating the Australian Smartphone market with almost 70% of the market share of all Smartphone market of Australia. Second place is reserved for IOS that is around 25% of the Smartphone market follow by Windows and other mobile operating systems.

Australia has emerged as a strongest player of this Smartphone game and recognized as a world hub. Sydney and Melbourne are some of the best places for mobile application development for Android and iPhone in Australia. iPhone application developers of Sydney and Melbourne offers word class mobile apps to fulfill the Australian client’s requirements.

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