Windows, Second most used mobile OS in Latin America

Windows phone is right now in emerging stage but it is getting popular among various Smartphone lovers. As of now Android is one of the strongest players of the Smartphone market and capturing a mass volume of the Smartphone in the world. IOS is the second most famous mobile operating system and its star performer iPhone device is still on the top position in the Smartphone market. Blackberry is facing a crisis these days and remain in the competition with these two strongest competitors is not so easy for it.

Windows has emerged as a third stronger option for Smartphone users after Android and IOS. Blackberry has lost its third place and Windows phone is taking advantage of this market condition. A new report by IDC says that Windows is the second most popular mobile operating system in Latin America.

Regions like Latin America are considered as a third world whose economy is not so strong and stable. Countries like Brazil, Argentina are some of the developing countries in the world and they are not the potential market for companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. Getting popularity in this region for a particular brand is really a great sign of its success in the competitive market like US, UK and Australia.

According to the reports Microsoft is following a constant approach of growing their unit shipment in the secondary market. Well it’s not a victory but we can say that getting second position from the fourth is really appreciable. Microsoft got a 12% growth in this quarter as compared to the previous quarter in this year. It doesn’t mean that Microsoft has won a Gold medal in this region but hopefully it is looking forward to the same in future.

Microsoft has launched a series of Lumia mobiles with Nokia and their star performer is Lumia 520 in Latin American countries. This cheap device has many features to attract a potential buyer and that’s the main reason that Lumia 520 is a latest buzz in the market. Lumia 520 has boosted the windows mobile sales in Latin American countries and helping Microsoft to cover a large amount of market shares.

Although this is a secondary market for Microsoft but they are now neglecting this thing that the secondary market plays a great role in making a market strategy. Nokia and Microsoft both are supporting each other and their partnership is hitting the Smartphone market. Windows has a wide range of Smartphone from cheap mobile phones like Lumia 520 to high tech Lumia 1020 and 925 devices. We can say Nokia and Microsoft are getting success in changing the mentality of the Smartphone users to use windows as a great option.

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