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In this competitive world, businesses are trying to stay updated and hence following all the possible marketing/ branding tactics. Initially small businesses have started the adaptation of mobile apps for branding but now mobile apps are not considered merely a “branding exercise”. Business owners are now able to understand the power of mobile apps to grow business and customer interaction. A mobile app can help to simplify the online purchase and provide a platform where user can easily access the information. After seeing all these tremendous benefits small businesses must develop mobile apps to stay competitive. 


Why Small Businesses Need To Develop Mobile Apps ?

Custom mobile app development process sometimes become costly for small business but in the last few recent years mobile application development got so many automated tools, technology and great software development kits which makes this process an easy and economic one. Today developing a mobile app from scratch is not a big deal; many mobile app development companies like Mobilepundits are available to help small businesses to develop their fully functional mobile app on budget and time.   

On the other hand social media integration gives wings to the app because in this way customer can easily engage and interact with the brand. Although this type of customers may not intended to purchase from the brand but still being fun to use these apps and effective use of call to action can convert these customer to purchase a product easily. 


What Types of Small Businesses are making Apps ?

Based on the analysis, a report says that most of the expected business types were “Restaurants” and “Gyms”.  Although many other businesses adopting the mobile apps like hotels, politicians, plumbers and service type business. But why these businesses need app for their business? Well it’s pretty clear, as the ease of building apps increases day by day more & more businesses are tending towards the app development process to get more customers and sales. In app payments and booking facilities on the other hand saves time and cost of the small businesses in the long term, hence businesses can focus on other important task. 

For some businesses it’s very difficult to demonstrate their portfolio pieces because they have to meet their potential clients at various locations. Mobile apps can be a great option for these businesses where any potential client can approach to your business easily. 



How are Small Businesses Benefiting from Mobile Apps ?

A survey shows that almost 60 percent of the businesses are already have their mobile app or planning to develop mobile apps. Around 20% of the businesses use their mobile app for core branding while 30% use it as a revenue generating tool and remaining 50% businesses utilizing apps for support and engagement purpose. 

Use of mobile devices for our day to day task is increasing with a rapid rate. Estimated mobile sales were $74 billion in 2015 which is 32% higher from 2014. Report says that 30% of all online purchasing are done on mobile devices which show potential power of mobile app development for small business. 

Today mobile app not merely used for commerce, today we can find many type of app in the market. Push notification is one of the best way to put your brand name inform of the mobile device owner. Online Payments, Booking, Reading, Online video streaming, Newsletters, file uploading, support and many other kind of activities can be done through mobile apps today.



Future of Mobile Apps

Now in this stage we can say one thing that is Mobile is the future. Earlier Mobile game apps were in the top of the list for higher downloads but in the last few years non game apps are also estimated to grow by 23 % in the next five years. It is also estimated that the non game app market will soon exceed $182 billion in 2020. With this rate the tendency of mobile app downloads will be double in between 2015-20.

While we talk about the age group it’s very oblivious that 53% of the total mobile shoppers are youngsters and now mid age group and senior are also rapidly becoming mobile shopper. In simple words today a mobile app can simplifies the customer’s journey from browsing to payment. 

As more and more businesses adopting the mobile app a new era is emerging to complete the demand and supply chain. Yes Mobile app development companies and agencies are also growing with a rapid rate and helping small businesses to get their desired mobile app on their desired mobile platform in desired time and budget. 


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