Waiting for Amazon’s 3D Smartphone

Amazon is planning to make competition tough for the Smartphone market in near future.  Smartphone is a very common word these days and plays a great role in everyone’s daily life. Many of the technology giants like Google with their famous Android and Apple with iPhone are involved in the Smartphone market and providing their innovations through cool smart devices.

As we know that Amazon is a world famous name in the field of electronic commerce and now they have recently announced that they are planning for Smartphone devices in their new releases.  Amazon was started as an online bookstore and now they are selling software, electronics, video games, MP3, DVDs, jewelry including Kindle e-book readers and cloud computing services.

Rumors are everywhere that Amazon is working on Smartphone but a report says they are planning something big. Amazon is planning to introduce a series of gadgets including 3D Smartphone in the market very soon. Reports say the company is working on the 3D screen featured Smartphone that can be navigated through the movement of the eyes. The same eye movement feature has recently launched with the Samsung galaxy S4 Smartphone last month. LG and HTC have tried earlier 3D features on their previous releases respectively LG optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3d but they didn’t make any wave.

According to Mr. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, Company is looking forward for expanding their hardware offerings in the future. Right now Amazon is dealing with electronics, Kindle e-book reader and tablet computers but CEO admitted that there are coming with Smartphones soon. The company is also talking about 3D enabled technology with their Smartphone devices in the coming years.

For Amazon it is not so tough to make a full featured Smartphone because they have a great experience of kindle e-book reader devices which is partially a Smartphone type device. Amazon has introduced their Kindle with 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi connections for their users to download and browse the Kindle store for books and other stuff. Kindle Fire tablets are based on the highly customized version of android and it will definitely help Amazon to move ahead in Smartphone technology.

Author : M Pundits

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