US defense department approval for Blackberry 10 and others

After playing a successful innings in the Smartphone sector Blackberry is not performing well in the mobile battlefield these days. Their sales graph has been showing valleys everywhere instead of peaks for the last few years. Here we have news related to US defense department which is partially good and bad for Blackberry mobile Development. Let start with Good news that is US military saying yes for Blackberry 10 and Blackberry Playbook tablets. The bad news is that US military has opened the door for the other mobile device makers such as Samsung and Apple which breaks the monopoly of Blackberry for US military.

Last week US defense department has made an announcement for giving approval for other mobile makers to its networks. They have approved android based Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Knox, Blackberry 10 and Apple’s IOS 6 after a hard phase of testing and security capabilities.

According to a spoke person of Pentagon they are trying to establish a multiple supplier environment for their mobile users. This is the main reason that US military is planning to open the doors to the other mobile makers for their network. To accomplish this US National Security Agency has instructed Samsung to develop a “Secure Enhanced Android system”.

In this race Samsung is the biggest achiever with its latest release Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Knox are approved for use in the US military. Samsung Knox provides a secure system for Smartphone and tablet users where they can keep their data in a secure place. The system also let their user to erase the data remotely in case a user loses its device.

According to Scott Totzke, Blackberry vice president of security said that Blackberry 10 offers a validated security model along with a highly secure mobile computing user experience.

Reports say the Pentagon has more than 600,000 mobile users were 470000 blackberry users and other mobile makers including Apple and Android OS. They wish to give flexibility to their employees to use other commercial products like Apple iPhones and iPads in their network. Right now many of the Apple and Android devices are not connected with the US military network and that is why the defense department is planning multiple-supplier environment for all their Smartphone users.

Author : M Pundits

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