Test your Android App with Perfecto MobileCloud

Perfecto mobile offers mobile application testing services including cloud based and automated testing services for mobile apps and website. The Company has announced a Mobile Cloud for TFS recently in collaboration with Microsoft. It means testers can use Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server along with their mobile application testing.

Perfectomobile has integrated their mobile testing and automation features with the Microsoft’s TFS for executing, reporting and tracking the test results on TFS. Cross platform mobile application testing can be done through the cloud based testing solution developed by Perfecto mobile. The service offers multiple devices on multiple carriers for mobile app testing. Unlike other mobile app testing platforms, Perfecto mobile offers multiple geographies for testing mobile apps on actual devices without using emulators or virtual machines.

Microsoft’s TFS was designed for comprehensive software development projects including data collection, tracking and source control services. It can be used either stand alone software or visual studio server side back end platform. The combination of these two technologies will make Android, iPhone, windows and Blackberry Mobile app testing easy.

Perfecto mobile and Microsoft are working together in providing best quality software products. Perfecto mobile is an active member of VISM where it integrates their quality services of mobile app testing and automation services along with the Microsoft’s ALM. The integration of these two technologies results better tracking, monitoring and reporting of the software development and deployment for a perfect ALM.

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Author : M Pundits

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