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A prism is a well known word for all of us these days, news channels and newspapers are flashing it every time on their reports. It is actually a surveillance program operated by US government’s NSA stands for the National Security Agency for last three years.  The agency collects personal information like phone calls, Emails and other type of information related to the common people. It is a serious matter for all the internet users because we have disclosed many things on the internet.

As we have mentioned that it is a Government program and that is why many of the companies are bound to share their user data with them. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Twitter and many others have instructed to share their user’s information with the Prism program. It simply means our phone numbers, private chats, Voice conversations and everything related to us is not safe at all.

Here is this article we are going to discuss some the well known applications and services for Cross platform mobiles devices that can hide the personal information to a certain extent. These apps and services can help us to keep our private things safe and secure of spying by these government or non government agencies.

Apps for Voice and Video Communication

Red-Phone is an encrypted calling app that provides end to end encryption service between two parties. It is very easy to use, just register your mobile number with the Red Phone’s account and that’s it. The application needs both the parties should be registered to establish a secure connection. If a user wants to make a call to the non Red Phone user then it will ask to send an invitation to him for making a secure conversation. If someone still wants to proceed than it can make a call without any problem but in this condition security will be very less for the conversation. When a Red Phone makes a call to the other party it rings up with the normal voice call but shows a VoIP not a cellular call. Red phone bypasses the cell phone carrier encryption takes place by Red Phone’s server.


Silent-Phone is a secure app for android mobile users, offers an encrypted environment for voice and text messages. The silent – phone was launched by Silent Circle for providing secure user experience over text and voice communication. The application requires a corresponding silent circle account to get started and can be directly downloaded through a Google Play store. The app encrypts data packets and exchanges their device key of both the parties while calling each other.  For enhancement of the system it does not save the device key on the server that provides end to end data encryption.

Apps for secure Text messaging

Gibberbot is an open source application interface for managing all your instant messaging accounts. The application was developed by Guardian Project, works on off the record software to ensure the secure communication between two parties. Some of the supported apps for secure encrypted chat are Gibberbot, ChatSecure, Jitsi and Pidgin.


ChatSecure is also one of the most secure ways of chat where your conversation is between you and your recipient. It uses of the record protocols to secure the communication channel; it works with Google Talk and Jabber. Users can use this application on their iPhone and iPad for secure end to end text conversation.


TextSecure is a secure messaging app for android users where users can keep their text messages and MMS safe. The app encrypts the text messages on the air and on the device which is password protected so no one can able to read or access it without owner’s permission. The application works same as the other apps we have discussed earlier in this article. The application can encrypt the end to end text messages if both the parties have the app subscription.


Browsing the Web and Emailing

Orweb is a secure android web browser for all android users that works in conjunction with Orbot. The combination of these two gives a secure web browsing experience to the users without any spying. It’s Onion routing networks allow the users to remain anonymous while he or she is online. It helps us to hide our physical location on the networks that keeps us safe every time we use internet for browsing. Some of its great features are given below that makes it secure web browsers for most of the android users.

•          Blocking the Cookies

•          Not storing a local history

•          Ability to reset the Browser user-agent

Orbot is an Android application that allows the users to access their Emails and instant messaging over their Android devices any time. It is not being tracked and blocked by the mobile internet service provider so the users can access their internet without any problem. In addition to the Tor network, Orbot offers some of the great functionality of Tor in their secure web browser.

Author : M Pundits

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