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Android is a leading Smartphone OS having 82% of market shares all over the world. Google Android is serving customers all across the globe with their world class features and services. Every time Google launches their new version of android OS with the name of a sweet. Android Kitkat, Jellybeans, ice-cream sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclairs, Donut and Cupcake are some of the predecessors versions. Google has recenty introduced a very new version of Android OS named “Android Loolipop”. This new version of android is considered to be a largest Android release ever.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is not just a newer version of android but a reinvented mobile operating system which is highly updated and innovative. The newer version is different from the old one in every aspect like design, runtime and battery life. For ruling the market tech giant Google is planning to launch their flagship mobile Nexus 6 and 9 series. The new operating system will be rolling out with the other models and Smartphone manufacturers throughout this year.

What’s new in the bag:

Rumors say that the new Android L is somewhat similar to newly released iOS 8 operating system. This time appearance is flattened like iOS 8 which looks nice and classy. Now users can easily respond their notification from the lock screen which is really a cool feature. The new priority feature enables you to respond the calls and texts for a selected list of people whenever you are busy. Android L provides more attractive zooming and fading effects in transition between two different apps. Users can easily go through their emails and WebPages by opening multiple tabs on their carousel. And last but not least the new android L can show the individual app battery consumption.

With the new released Android L users can get 2 times faster performance as compared to the previous software versions. The aforementioned battery-consumption checker and saving mode can enhance battery life up to 90 mins. Guest user mode enables you to limit the access to apps and payments for other users. Users can easily mark apps private so that apps can be hidden from the screen. Android lollipop enables you to choose the third party apps as your default apps.


Phones that will get Android lollipop update:

Google: According to the android police blog Nexus 6 and 9 are the flagship mobile devices and will be available with Android 5.0 already installed. Still we can’t say when the other models like nexus 4 and 5 will get the update.

Motorola: The Company already announced that its most popular first and second generation mobile devices (Moto X & Moto G) will get the update soon. Droid ultra, Droid mini, Droid maxx, Moto E and Moto G LTE are also lined up to get the update.

HTC: Company’s global online communication manager “Jeff Gordon” has tweeted that HTC one M8 and one M7 will get the update within the 90 days of the final software release.

Samsung: Rumors says that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will get the update in December along with the other popular phone like Galaxy note 4, Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy S4. Although Samsung has not made and official announcement about the update but Samsung’s twitter updates saying that company is willing to get the Android 5.0 soon.

LG: Well LG is not a big player in the world’s Smartphone market but still they are trying to be in the race. There is no official announcement from the company about the update but rumors and some tech blogs expecting that LG will get Android L in early 2015. Blogs like GSM Arena and Phone Arena says LG G3 will get the update soon before end of the year. 

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