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Google working on "project Ara" these days, a modular Smartphone concept where individual components could be recycled and upgraded. This mysterious Smartphone looks like a puzzle piece device, making buzz in the Smartphone industry. If all goes well than this phone will change the way of Smartphone manufacturing. Yes in this concept a user can change the basic modules of their Smartphone according to their need. Camera, Battery, storage and screen are some of the examples of those modules.

Google project ara modular phone is a concept where a Smartphone made of different modules. All those modules can work independently and coordinate with the other modules. For example a user can easily upgrade their camera by simply replacing the camera module. If your battery is dead than you can take your friend’s Ara phone battery and it will work properly with your Smartphone. Even a user can sell their old modules to the other people. So if your Smartphone screen is broke down than you don’t have to buy a new Smartphone just change the screen. In short everything works with everything in this modular phone.

As you can see in the image all the main components are interchangeable via modules that click in and out, attaching via electro permanent magnets. Currently Google is planning to launch this product in three main sizes only just to avoid the device fragmentation problem. Google is planning for a gray model first which will be a very basic phone that cost will be near around $50 initially. Later Google will launch some higher end handsets that cost will be near $500 and more.

Broken or cracked screens issues can be solved by the Ara phone but there is no way to replace the modules in US because it comes directly from Germany. Ara devices can only perform well with their support network and therefore project ara needs a network of retail stores where people can get their desired modules and new screens. It also requires more and more developers for module development so that people can pick their favorite modules easily. Google is working hard to make things easier for the developers and hardware manufacturers, so that they can comfortably work with Ara standards.

Google is trying to expand your Smartphone life up to six years and beyond by their new project Ara modular phones. Google is going to reinvent a new era of Smartphone and app development where a user will have a better control over their own device. No need to buy a new Smartphone due to some damage just change the respective module. At last we can say only one thing that it’s a flexible platform suitable for everyone, everywhere and any time.

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