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Android and iOS  do not require an introduction!

Today Android and iOS are the only two key players of Smartphone market with a huge global market share. At One side iOS made a history with its awesome products like iPhone & iPad and dominating the high range Smartphone sector for a long time. On the other hand Android has became the most popular Smartphone platform and a first choice for low and mid range customers.

Have you ever imagined an Apple hardware phone with Android OS?

Well it might be happen, Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak showing possibilities of this deadly combination at the Apps World conference in San Francisco. According to him it might be possible that Apple have to think on this direction because of Android’s popularity in the world. On the other side Apple also accept this fact that repeating the history of iPhone and iPad success again and again with every product release in not possible.

In this situation when Apple’s products are not performing well in the world’s Smartphone market its better to launch an Android based Apple Smartphone. He added, launching a killer product every time is not possible and that is why we are thinking on this direction. Moving forward onhis speech he added that, it’s better to take right decisions on the right time before it too late as already happened with Blackberry. Pointing to the Blackberry, He thinks it could be possible to save Blackberry by launching their products with Android OS But its too late Now :(

By remembering the last decade of Apple’s success he said, we have created the history with a series of innovative products like iPhone and iPad. Now this time if we can’t create a new category of products than we have to take some tough decisions and offering an Android based phone is one of them.

Steve said that it would be pretty awesome to see Apple’s Android based Smartphone and Apple would call it “aPhone”.  Imagine that device that will run on Android OS with standard iPhone hardware quality. Users can use the first party Google apps like Gmail, Chrome and Play with access of millions of the Android apps. An Android device that will nicely work with iOSecosystem and will give access to use services like Apple TV, AirPlay and AirDrop.

Today most of the mobile phone makers are launching their smartphone based on Android OS. Steve thinks Google will not have any problem that we are joining their party for makingsmartphones.

Hope we will have Apple’s aPhone soon :)

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