by Sachin Dixit

Valentine’s day is arrived and spreading love fragrance everywhere in the world. In this romantic aroma only one thing is all around, that is love!

Red roses, chocolates, gifts and a true feel of love in heart for someone very special is all about Valentines Day. A day to express your love and care for your partner with a message that my life is incomplete without you. Moving ahead in this romantic season some smartphone apps can even make your love more stronger with their cool features. Below I am going to mention some of the most useful apps that can be worth for this Valentine’s Day.

 KissMS :  As we know that kiss is a symbol of love which shows “We Care” according to Magesh Babu, MD of Volmacht Business Solutions. This is not just an app through which a user can send Kisses on Valentine’s Day but also an app that allow a user to send tailor maid kisses depending on the purpose of the message. According to the developers, a user can easily place a tailor made kiss symbol at the centre of the emotional message. App is featured with a text or voice long with a Kiss symbol that can be used on the message.

KissMS has not left any loophole in the app for misuse because message will be send only to the listed mail addresses shown in the KissMS contacts. If somehow message sent to a non registered person, there is a provision to send a email invition first that can be accepted or declined by the reciepent. The app can be easily available on Android and iOS systems and a user can easily register using an email id.

ProPlowers :  Want to impress someone or willing to express your feelings to loved ones, Flowers are the best option. ProFlower is an app that can let their users to select a beautiful arrangement of flowers, chocklates and teddybears. A user can choose a plenty of beautiful flowers, bouquets and plants from the list.

By ordering flowers with this app a user can set date reminders and personalized card messages. Just select the preferred delievery date and address so it can arrive when you want it to surprise your loved one.

Avocado :  This is an app for the couple, offers a secure platform to the users to share their text, messages, pictures and videos with private chat settings. App allows the users to use this platform with their partner privately where they can spend quality time with their sweet memories and fellings. This amazing apps let their users to share lists and calenders and pinpoint their locations through the GPS system on their phone.

The artistic layout of this app makes a difference from the other couple apps. The app also featured with an special functionality that allow you to hold the phone to your lips or heart and it vibrates in reaction that gives a sign of your contact to the other user.

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