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After a long wait, tech Giant Apply Inc. is going to make a buzz in the market this year. This time Apple having a lots of stuff in its plate and will reveal it on the right time. Sources say a movement can be seen in the Apple’s Cupertino campus that clearly shows company’s planning for this year. After late “Steve jobs” this is the first time that the company is ready to fight in the market with a bag full of surprises.

Bigger iPhone 6: List starts with a bigger iPhone, as of now Apple were not making changes on its looks and screen size. Rivals like Google and Samsung were taking benefit of this thing by launching big screen size Smartphone devices. This time Apple is going to attract more and more customers with its big screen sized iPhone. Trend analyst also suggested that Apple can easily increase their sales by 30% in US with their bigger iPhones.

Sapphire Glass: According to the sources the new iPhone 6 could be made of sapphire glass which is far better than gorilla glass. The large amount of sapphire glass is shipping to china by the manufacturers from the Arizona. Sapphire glass is more scratch-resistant than gorilla glass and this thing will definitely give a boost to the new iPhone in the Smartphone market.

iWatch: Moving ahead in this series, let’s talk about iWatch a most mysterious and most awaited Apple device ever. Many of the competitors have already launched their smart watches and exercise bands but Apple is not breaking their silence on it. On the other hand Apple is silently hiring engineering, medical and exercise professionals for their most innovative iWatch. The most interesting thing is that Apple is patenting all the potential innovations for iWatch. It is clear that apple is working hard in this project but still we can’t say iWatch will be available in the market this year.

Apple TV: Apple TV is a product by which they have already impressed their users and till now apple TV has a foothold of 20 million units. In a quarterly financial report Apple CEO “Tim Cook” announced that Apple not considering it as a “hobby” product, but still Apple planning to launch their TV with a fast new processor. It is also rumored that apple will integrate Siri within the TV to make it smarter. There are huge possibilities available now for the app developers to develop creative app for the Apple TV. Gaming controller specification with or without third party can give a boost to the company in this market place.

Apart from these big changes some updates will also be noticed in this year like MacBook Air with little processor update and MacBook with Retina display. iOS got updated last year and this time the new OS X 10.10 will take place in Apple’s worldwide developer’s conference in June.

Apple prefers September for its iPads releases but this time it is expected that company will launch it with its own A8 generation processors. As a result the new device will be perform well and have an improved battery life. Rumors are spreading around that Apple will came up with new keyboard or keyboard/case option. If company launches keyboard or any other keyboard option with their iPad devices than definitely it will be an icing on a cake.

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