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Technology has been entered everywhere in the human life and now it’s very difficult to keep a distance with it. Smartphones are one of the coolest inventions of this era where everything is on your finger tip. We have seen an exponential growth in mobile and Smartphone users in the past few years. Smartphones are not only making life easier but also helping people to live a healthy life through their vast use in the healthcare industry. Today mobile technology is transforming the health industry with millions of cool apps.

Today many app developers and IT firms are focusing on healthcare industry that is why a new term is evolved known as mHealth or Mobile Health. mHealth is a practice of medicine and people’s health, supported by mobile devices (Smartphones). Millions of the mobile apps are already available to serve people better health and better life on major smartphone platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. This is just a beginning, many aspects and possibilities are there to achieve yet. Here in this article we have provided more interesting stats on the mobile healthcare industry.

According to the mHealth App Developer Economics study the total number of mobile health and fitness apps estimated 100,000+ and still counting. It is really interesting that 52% of the Smartphone users gather health and fitness related information on their devices. Millions of Free and paid medical, health and fitness apps downloaded from the app stores daily. According to the studies 50% of the Smartphone users will download health and fitness related apps by 2017. It is estimated that this industry will touch 26 billion dollar by 2017.

Well there are plethoras of health and fitness apps are available in the apps stores but some of the top mHealth apps (By Category) are given below. Weight loss & Exercise apps leading the list with approx 50 million 27 million downloads. Women’s health & meditation apps also making an impact with 11 million and 8 million downloads. Pregnancy, tools & instruments and many others are also available. The average age group of users who are using mHealth apps are 35 where 54% of them are males.

40% of the physicians believe mHealth technologies can reduce the number of visits to doctor’s office. This is also very interesting that 25% of the physicians are using mobile technology to provide patient care. 80% of the physicians use smart phones and medical apps. 93% of the physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health. 93% of physicians find value having a mobile health app connected to Emergency health.


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