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Today we are living in a world where everything is smart like Smartphones, Smart TV, Smart watches, Smart cars etc. Our out of the box thinking enable us to think beyond the imagination and that is the only reason today we have invented all those things which were supposed to be impossible in the earlier days. Moving ahead, Internet of things is the latest buzz in the world of technology these days. The most important fact is that it has potential to impact how we live and also how we work.

Internet of things is a concept in which we can connect normal devices and appliances to the internet. In other words all those devices which has an on and off switch can be connected to the internet. Imagine a world where people, their devices and machines are connected to each other. Things like Coffee machine, Washing machine, Electricity bulbs, Cell phones and all the possible things can be a part of IOT. So in short Internet of things (IOT) is a giant network of connected things where the relationship will be between people- People, People-Thing and Things-Things.

Some of the cool examples of internet of things are given below.

Check your baby health: Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a major issue in our society but there is no need to worry about it anymore. Mimo monitor is a very useful device and a fantastic example of internet of things concept which is available now to prevent SIDS. Mimo monitor provides real time data about your baby’s breathing, skin, sleeping, body temperature and activity level to your Smartphone.

Remember to take medicines: It’s a big challenge for most of us to take doctors prescribed pills on time to stay healthy. Due to the busy daily schedule and today’s fast lifestyle people generally forget to take their pills. GlowCaps is an unbreakable idea to avoid this thing in a very simple and effective way. Glowcap prescription bottles remind people to stick with their prescription regimen. With the help of a wireless chip it sends a reminder messages all the way to refill and doctor coordination.

Track your activity level: People these days are very conscious about their health and that is why they use high tech wearable gadgets and mobile apps to stay healthy. By using Smartphone range of sensors and with the help of connectivity options people can easily monitor their activity level throughout the day.

Track down lost keys and other stuff: Often we lost our stuff like keys, cell phones, iPod, wallets, etc and then we spent time to find those stuffs. Now we have a great solution for this problem which is based on Bluetooth and other wireless technology. Devices like Cobra key tag can help you to track your stuff easily, their sensors directly communicate with your Smartphone’s free app and remind you if you leave your phone or other valuable behind.

Make sure your home appliances are off: We all have many appliances in our homes like ovens, washing machines and refrigerators. Imagine if we could operate those devices remotely from anywhere in the world. Yes smart outlets like WeMo allows you to turn on and off you’re plugged in devices from across the world. By eliminating standby power, we can easily save money and can conserve energy. The best part of this app is we can easily measure and record the power usage of any device.

Keep your garden and plant alive: Its very pleasant things to have a small garden in your backyard lawn but taking care of your plants are really a hectic task. HarvestGeek is a system that can help you know about your plants actual growing needs with the help of their suite of sensors and web connectivity. The system can help you to grow your plants better and save your time and resources.

Keep street clean: Each and every locality have their own municipal garbage bins service in their respective areas. Isn’t it great a garbage bin automatically communicates to the respective municipal services and informs them when a bin needs to be emptied. Well systems like smart belly trash use cellular communication, real time data collection to automatically communicate with the local communities or municipal services when to emptied a bin. This system reduces the number of pick-ups required which automatically saves time, money and efforts to keep bins clean.

Receive pollution warnings: DontFlushMe is a project that allows NYC residents to help reduce the amount of pollution in the horbor by not flushing their toilets during overflow events. DontFlushMe is a system in which sensors installed in combined sewer overflows just to alert the local residents to avoid polluting local waterways.

Maintain and repair: We human know our physical threshold limits for work and if the limit exceeds than we stop working. But a machine can’t say its problems and that’s why one day it broke down. Internet of things can help us here by sensors that can be easily installed inside the equipment to monitor if any part has exceeded their designed threshold. If any problem occurs it automatically send reports to the concerned person. The early predictions on equipment malfunctions lead to a scheduled maintenance results a long life of that equipment.

Smart Structures: Sensors are great, again like any other internet of thing example this one is also based on the sensor technology. Smartpile technology is a way to ensure the strength or integrity of your structure. A wireless sensor can easily embedded within the foundation’s pile that can provide very useful data for load and event monitoring for the project construction both during and after its completion.

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