India is now the 3rd largest Smartphone market in the world

Smartphone market is growing day by day and showing exceptional scope and possibilities in near future. Today China and US are world’s largest Smartphone markets in the world and going to rule this sector for a long time. According to the reports India is now the world’s 3rd largest Smartphone market in the first quarter of 2013. This is really surprising news for all of us that India has replaced Japan for the third position.

Strategy Analytic says India has shown great potential in Smartphone market over the years and growing with a great pace. The report says that India’s Smartphone market is rising faster than the all major countries in the world (China by 86%, Japan by 24%, US by 19%).

India is one of the biggest markets for smart phones have a majority of youngsters that is higher than any of the other country in the world. The Indian middle class community also plays a great role in the raising in consumer electronics and Smartphone market. Smartphone market saturation is one of the major reasons because most of the well established markets like Europe and Japan are now saturated. Companies like Apple and Samsung shifting to the less developed markets or developing countries like India to achieve the actual growth.

Apple is losing their ground in many established places like Europe and US only because of Android powered Samsung and other companies’ devices. Apple’s Smartphone market share is directly affecting these regions that was 20% declining in the first quarter of 2013. On the other hand Apple is getting good results in the Indian Smartphone market. IDC mentioned that Apple has held the 15.6% market share in the 4th quarter of the last year. Apple is trying to grab more and more Indian customers by amortized payment plans for Apple’s products.

Samsung is one of the smartest players of this game and ruling the Smartphone sector over the years. Samsung has boosted the android market share and became the world’s leading mobile phone company. Low segment devices in Galaxy series, Samsung have a great variety to attract all types of customers. Samsung, Apple and domestic company Micromax are some of the best brands in Indian markets. The report also mentioned India based companies like Micromax, Karbon and Spice has shown the exponential market growth of 200% – 500%.

Author : M Pundits

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