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Mobile app development companies, trend, scope and future in India

India is one of the most popular names in the field of mobile app development. This is not because of low cost man power but because of its young talent. Today millions of the young Indian is making high class mobile apps, enterprise apps and games each and every day. Mobile app development is evolved as one of the most prominent sector in the last decade. In this Smartphone era people need apps for everything and our talented Indian app developers give their best while develop Smartphone apps.
Today technology is moving around the mobile phones and that is why almost each and every IT firm is focusing on mobile app development in India. As we can see India is one of the largest populated countries in the world, we are also leading the list in terms of Smartphone users. Billions of the mobile devices and users with a variety of mobile platforms makes mobile app development field one of the most lucrative industries.
Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Windows phone and many more mobile platforms are already available in the market with a huge customer base. That is why it gives a chance to the young talent to make their bright future in this industry. Smartphone has revolutionized the world with their great usage and features and people love to use their Smartphone in their day to day work.
Few years back web development was in its peak but after the evolution of the Smartphone trend is moving towards the mobile app development. As more and more people as well as enterprises are adopting the mobile technology in their work, huge possibilities are being created in mobile development. Today most of the software and web app development companies somewhere working for mobile and wireless technologies.
Here in this article we are going to discuss about the mobile app development process, future scope, technology and companies. We will cover why mobile app development is so important, how enterprises as well as the normal Smartphone users can take benefits from the mobile apps, How mobile app development is one of the most desired career option for most of the young Indian engineers.

What is mobile app development and why it’s so important:

Mobile application development is one of the most lucrative process in which application software is developed for handheld devices like smart phones, tabs and Smartphone watches. These applications can be pre-installed on the device during the manufacturing or can be installed later. All these devices have their own operating system and on the basis of the technology apps are being developed. Some of the major mobile app development platforms are android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry. All these platforms have their own app development environment, development technologies and app stores. Developers can develop mobile apps for any platform and submit it on respected app stores where all the other mobile users can further use those apps. These apps can be free or paid depending on the app developer’s business concept.
Today mobile apps are very common term for Smartphone users because a mobile is nothing without an app. App can make smart phones ever smarter. That is why each and every Smartphone user needs an app for their work. IT and software companies develop these kinds of apps and submit them on app stores from where they can earn huge revenue.
Smartphone User perspective: Smartphone is a pocket computer; it can deal with anything that can be achieved by an ordinary computer. Mobile apps can enhance their performance and that is why each and every Smartphone need apps for better functioning. In addition with Smartphone, app can help in health, business, education and lifestyle. For example with the help of the healthcare apps Smartphone users can track their health status. Education apps can help students to make their study and learning easier. Business apps help people in their business to make it more profitable.
Mobile app developer’s perspective: As we have discussed that mobile apps are the new demand of the market than it is very essential to provide high quality apps for the users. Software and IT or we can say mobile app development companies in India develop mobile apps on hourly or project basis. These apps than submitted to the app stores from where millions of the Smartphone users can use them.
Mobile app owner’s perspective: We have already discussed the demand and supply chain model. But what about those who invest millions of dollars to make an app that can worth for the users. People invest on development to make a successful app and then submit it on app stores. Without marketing app can’t get success and hence it’s very important to market your app with the proper barding strategy (Appstore optimization). Once an app goes famous people or Smartphone users can spend few bucks and download that app on their device. Most of the business is making money in the app business. App monetization is also a great why of making money from your app by taking other ads on your app.

Popular mobile platform & manufacturer and their market shares:

Today many mobile platforms are available in the market but only few of them are dominating the world. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry are some of them and are the key players in world’s Smartphone market. According to the recent IDC reports Android is one of the most successful mobile platform and Samsung is the best contributor in its success with a market shares of 21.4% worldwide. In this series Apple comes at the second position with market shares of 13.9%. According to the reports Smartphone market is grew by 13% in the second quarter (Q2) of 2015. 341.5 million Shipments are expected and still counting. Android is still dominating the list with 82.8% world’s market shares in Q2 2015 followed by iOS 13.9 % market shares. Windows Phone is still considered as the third choice with market shares of 2.6 % followed by blackberry 0.3%.

Latest trend in Mobile app development:

Mobile app development is one of the most fruitful processes these days, with a number of people tending towards smart phones this process is becoming one of the biggest treasure for the beginners. Below some of the latest mobile app development trends are mentioned.
Responsive design: As a huge number of people and business are focusing on Mobile a huge consumption of multimedia content, ecommerce website browsing, games, internet banking, web browsing is raised with the mobile devices. On the other hand a wide variety of mobile phones and devices are available in the market, in this scenario responsive design is the very basic need for applications as well as for websites.
Advanced mobile app development: people need innovative apps for their Smartphone and that is why we need to develop those apps that can make sense. Some time app development takes time so that creative minds focusing to develop easy framework that can enhance the productivity of mobile app development. In India mobile app development is really one of the cool things for developers where they can shape their dream by their innovative concepts. An app is nothing without a cool concept or idea and mobile app development companies in India doing it for a long time for their clients all across the globe.
Cloud computing and cloud based mobile apps: This is one of the coolest concept these days where many startups and well established names are working. Today people need cloud based apps like drop box. Many researches and development are done in this technology and mobile app developers in India working on these technologies.
Internet of things (IOT) : This is the latest buzz in the mobile app development market in India. Many companies are working on IOT concepts and connecting normal thing with the worldwide internet. Internet of thing is highly demanded segment of the mobile app development market. A smart city or smart home is not possible without IOT concept where innovative minds can connect out normal home appliances with the internet.
Wearable technology: Today human lifestyle is totally changed, we people spend a lot on our fashion statement. Wearable gadgets and smart devices are most demanded things these days for example Apple’s iWatch. Brands like Google, Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung and many more are working on smart wearable gadgets who can also act like Smartphone. Healthcare is one of the most promising areas where most of the wearable technologies and gadgets are invented. This is really a very fresh area where most of the mobile app development companies in India are working these days.
Enterprise mobile app development: Today only only a common man using mobile apps for their day to day work but also big enterprises are working on mobile apps. Most of the big enterprises are centralizing their work and stuff on the mobile devices to increase the productivity. Enterprise mobile app development is highly adopted trend these days and most of the big enterprises and organization making mobile apps.
Beacon technology: This is one of the most interesting as well as innovative concept. The latest buzz in the market is iBeacon. Apple has introduced iBeacon technology in iPhones to empower it with the latest technology trend. Beacon technology works with Bluetooth and wifi signals where retailers and shop can provide the buying suggesting to the users.

Mobile App Development Scope and Future in India:

Well this is really a very critical discussion as India is a leading software development hub in the world and listed as one of the most innovative as well as cost effective IT service provider. There are huge possibilities in app development sector in India to make a successful career. As the number of Smartphone users are increasing day by day more and more useful apps are required. Today only three Smartphone OS are dominating the market respectively Android, iOS and Windows Phone. All these platforms have their own developer’s tools, APIS and code class Libraries. Developers can develop custom mobile apps and upload them to app stores.
As more and more people taking smart phones hand in hand they need innovative mobile apps too. Every month millions of the new Smartphone users added in this list that is why we need a huge number of innovative minds for mobile app development. Mobile app development process needs designing as well as development for a successful mobile app. Designers take care of visuals of an app which is one of the most crucial things in an app while developers concerned about the working functionality of an app.
While we talk about android this is an open source Linux based operating system allowed to all mobile device manufacturers. Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world loved by millions of the people. The most challenging part in android development is its fragmentation. Many mobile device makers using android as their mobile OS with a wide variety of screen sizes. Making mobile apps that can work for all those devices is really a tough task. Here comes the role of talented mobile app developer who can develop great apps for android users.
Online the other hand iOS is one of the pioneers in the Smartphone era and that is why millions of the people love to have an iPhone. Unlike android, Apple allows iOS to run only on apple products that are why they focus on quality as well as on security. This is really a great opportunity for young Indian iOS developers to make great iOS apps that can make buzz in the market. A huge potential is there in the market for iOS app developers because Apple app store (iTunes) only allow great apps.
Windows on the other side is still in its evolving stage but as I hope this will soon become a strong contender in this fight. Windows phone app development is also a great way to start a career. Many mobile device makers these days launching their devices with windows phone operating system and here young Indian windows app developers can make great custom app for windows phone app store.

Custom mobile app development companies

Well there are many custom mobile app development companies in India who are working in mobile app development sector and serving clients all across the globe.  Mobilepundits is leading the list with a huge number of app developed so for and have a great client list. Mobilepundits is a leading mobile app development company in India offers world class app development and testing services for all major mobile platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
Mobilepundits is an iSO 9001:2008 citified by Bureau VERITAS & UKAS company deals with Mobile app development, App testing, App porting and Cross platform mobile app development. Mobilepundits has been developed more than 250 apps so for with 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the most leading name in app development has won prestigious Deloitte award for 5 consecutive times as one of the fastest growing mobile app development company in India & In Asia pacific.

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