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Remember “Counting beads” ? It was one of the most famous educational methods of my time. But as we all know, Education is one of the most evolving industries and that's why we have invented lots of new and innovative methods of learning and education. Education is must for everyone hence we have made universities, collages, Schools and classes. Today education is not limited to the four walls of the classrooms because these are the traditional ways of getting education. We have invented new ways for comprehensive education. The evolution of digital education supports a variety of gadgets including tablets, mobiles, desktops, laptops, games and toys. It helps students to get a wide variety of educational content in different formats. 
Educational Gamification:
Educational gamification is a process in which a normal education system or process can be implemented with game mechanics just to engage the students towards the comprehensive learning. Game points, rewards, challenges and badges are some of the cool examples through which games can engage students in an attractive way. Reports forecast says that the expected growth in global education gamification market will be CAGR of 64.34% in the period of 2014-2019.
Game based learning material designed to help student in an interactive way to focus on a specific subject. The basic concept of game based learning is its pre defined set of outcomes that can give a chance to the user to play the game multiple times so that anyone can be the master of the game. The best part is by playing the game multiple times one can easily understand the topic and memorize it forever. 
Education app: 
Today smart phones are well known for their broader use in our day to day life. Business, Games, Education & entertainment are some of the most popular industries in app development business.
According to the statistic Education is the third most popular industry in the app development market which is 9.44% of all active apps in the Apple App Store. When iPhone launched in 2007 nobody has even imagined that it will revolutionize the mobile phone industry for ever. Likewise Apple iPad launched in April 2010 and today considered as one of the most popular device in the education and business sector.
Many reports have been published on global education app market size in 2015. The focus area of these reports was total revenue generated from the sales of these educational apps in 2015. Most of the educational apps focusing preschool, toddler, primary, secondary school, elementary and high school students as their target audience. The global education market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.72% over the period of 2014-2019.
Today millions of Educational apps are available in the market and this is one of the most rapid growing industries these days. But question is why education sector is so happening as compared to all other inductors. The reason is very simple kids now learn to “swipe” before they can tie their shoes. Also learning from apps can be more interactive and fun than the traditional way of education. Parents can also participate with their active involvement in learning process though app learning.  
At present many educational apps are available in the market but only few are up to the mark and helping students and their parents for better app learning. Education is a million dollar industry where lots of high quality educational app is required. Apps can help kids and students to understand the subjects and topics in an easy way so that they can easily memorize the concept and also understand it in an easy way. 
In 2009 almost half of the top selling educational mobile apps were focusing on preschool and elementary age children which were increased to 75% after few years. Today 80% of the top selling iPad app in the education category targets children where toddler and preschool apps are leading the market with 58% in the category. Although adult apps for education are decreasing but educational apps for every age students are increasing day by day. Making educational apps for adults is also expensive as compared to the preschool and toddler apps. 
By concluding this post we can say only thing that we are in the golden era of educational apps and games. Apps are the main pillar of the modern age education and learning system. We need to develop more and more apps that can help to improve the education system. Parents need innovative educational apps with the original content so that they can educate their child in an easy and effective way. Well current trend shows that most of the parents prefer paid educational apps as compared to free apps for their kids. According to me it depends on the content and idea of the app that can attract more eyeballs. Making an app free or paid is up to the business model but what you are going to offer matters a lot. 
So be innovative and original is the only key for success.

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