Child Friendly Samsung Galaxy Tab !

Smartphones plays a great role in our day to day activities and that is why the market is full of cell phones tablet computers these days. Today most of the cell phone users carry a smart device in their hands because of their magical applications and usages in our life. A wide variety of devices are available in the Smartphone market with lots of great apps targeting Adults, Teen and youngsters.

People are addicted with these Smartphone devices in their personal as well as in professional lives but our kids are also taking interests on these gadgets. Smartphones are leaving a positive and negative impact on the kids mind. Yes reports says many kids, young boys and girls are also getting addicted of Smartphone devices like iPhone, Android and tablet computers like iPods. Most of the young kids and teens spend their whole time on playing games and chatting with their friends.

Now Samsung is working in this direction and recently launched a tablet computer especially for kids. Samsung has recently launched a new Galaxy tab 3 for kids running on the android 4.1 version. The tab is especially designed for kids with lots of great kid’s apps with full parental control. Here in this tab kids can easily download apps from a separate kid’s app store. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids also offers a time management facility to the parents through which they can define a time for using these tabs for their kids in a day.

Some of the mobile makers are taking care of this issue and that is why they offer a separate section in their devices for kids. Nokia Lamia and Google Nexus are some of them where we can customize a separate home screen for kids with our choice of apps and services that are safe for kids. Through these great features we can give access to the kids for some of the safe apps in the Smartphone devices.

The Samsung galaxy kids tab seems less impressive in comparison with the ordinary Samsung galaxy tablets for adults. The tab is specially designed for kids with lots of educational benefits and that is why is has made its own identity. The tab comes with the 1.2 GHZ processor, 1GB of RAM with 8GB expandable memory. It offers a display of 1024*600 with 3MP front camera and 1.3 MP rear cameras.

Still price is not disclosed for this device and it is expected to come in the Korean market in September. For the rest of the world it will available soon in the market.

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