Blackberry “Secure work space” for Android and IOS devices

Blackberry is not making any waves in the Smartphone’s market and facing problems in this battle for a long time. Some of the strongest players of this sector like Samsung, Apple, Google and Microsoft are ruling the market with their products. Many years ago Blackberry was dominating the market and known for its quality secure service. Today scenario is totally different and blackberry is getting defeated in the Smartphone market, but still known for its great secure mobile system.

Blackberry once again in the spotlight and trying to save its empire and fame in this competitive market. Last week Blackberry has launched its new security option for android and IOS smart phones that enable the users to keep separate their personal and professional work. Blackberry has launched its new service for their enterprise service 10 for all android and IOS smart phones. Due to millions of the Android and IOS users in the world it will be a great decision to launch this system for Android and IOS platforms.

Many Smartphone users are using a single device for their personal and as well as for their professional life. Managing important work emails, data and reports with personal information, data, pictures, contacts, and videos is really a hard thing. It’s not easy to manage both the things simultaneously but Blackberry made it possible to us with their new release “Secure Work Space”.

Blackberry has provided a fully featured system for Smartphone users that enable them to access their personal and professional life’s data separately. There is no need to log on to VPN for accessing the data and work documents, emails and other stuff. Document editing is a great feature in this system that provides the email view with attachments and doc editing system called “Blackberry’s Document to GO”. It provides highly secure web browser to access the professional emails and other data on the company Intranet.

This mobile device management solution provided by Blackberry offers it for Android and IOS mobile devices. The platform provides security of the device; network as well as on the network level. Blackberry has announced their secure work space in March but due to some testing work it has postponed. BES 10 server is free to download for the users but users have to pay $99 per device for an annual subscription.

Author : M Pundits

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