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Apple is able to foresee that it can easily persuade Android users to buy one of its new larger-screened iPhones , that is none other than iphone6. Apple has posted a complete guide on the website aimed to help Android users making the transition from android to iphone. It is always a matter of argument for android user that, feature parity between Android and iOS has never been closer. With this event and with the looming availability of the iPhone 6, Apple has released a detailed document which is made for Android users to easily switch to iphone6.

The document contains information on how you should move email accounts from Android to the iPhone. It has explained the process of how to add a new email account to your iPhone, and also suggests few apps that aid you directly transfer data. Like, the Copy My Data app allows you to copy photos, videos, calendars, and contacts to another phone.

Apple also explains a way to transfer content from an Android device to the iPhone via iTunes on the Mac or PC. Apple shows you the way to move your music library into iTunes so that you can transfer it to your new iPhone. The case similar for documents and e-books .

The document also tells us about how we can transfer the documents to iCloud and how they can be opened using Pages, Numbers and Keynote on either iOS or in the cloud.. Apple highlights that many of the apps and email clients people frequently use on Android are probably available in its App Store.

Esteem of iPhone is believed to blow up as for the first time there will be two large iPhones in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes.

Apart from this, iOS 8 now supports features found in Android like inter-app communication, third party keyboards, and widgets. It also comes with comprehensive camera app.

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