Android wins the Game, Now it’s IOS V/s Windows

Most of the times I see article headlines pointing to a virtual war between mobile platforms Android and IOS. According to me war is over  because Android has won the war and ruling the Smartphone market. Now here comes a situation of the dilemma that is “who is in the second position?

In the present Smartphone market is dominated by Android and other mobile platforms are not in competition. Few years’ back IOS was one of the leading mobile OS in the world and dominating the Smartphone market with its great features. Now the picture has changed and today Android is covering the whole Smartphone market with 80% of world’s Smartphone market shares. The Rest of the 20% Smartphone market shares distributed into other mobile platforms such as IOS, RIM and Windows.

In this Smartphone battle IOS and Blackberry lost their ground and continuously losing their market shares day by day. IOS is still in good condition with a market share of 13.2% because of its great market reach and reputation among the consumers but what about Blackberry? It is facing an Anesthetic phase. Hopefully some of its recently launched products and services may help Blackberry to save its existence in the Smartphone market. Now comes to a Windows mobile OS that has performed well in this competitive sector and still doing well in the market.

It seems that Windows can be a third option for Smartphone lovers after Android and IOS mobile devices having a market share of 3.7% globally. We can say it’s a mutual bonding between Nokia and Microsoft that is saving both the brands in this competition. Nokia still available in the market only because of its Lamia series windows powered mobile devices. Nokia is now in strong front where 81.6 % of its Smartphone shipped globally based on windows OS. Windows OS is getting good response among the users and it’s growing sales graph can tell the truth.

World’s leading mobile company Samsung especially its Galaxy series has given a tremendous boost to Android OS in the world’s Smartphone market. The Main reason of Android OS popularity was that it comes with many mobile devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and Huawei. Android has made an achievement in this quarter with its 187.4 million shipments in the market globally. The Rat race is going on for the second position in the market between IOS and Windows.

Author : M Pundits

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