An Introduction to Android 4.4 Kitkat

androidkitkat4.4Google Android is rocking the world over the years and made a secure and strong place in the Smartphone market. Android is running on a wide variety of mobile devices starting from the low budget phones to expensive high tech gadgets. Its easy availability is the only reason for its success and that is why android is dominating the Smartphone market with maximum number of users. Till now Google has launched many versions for its most popular mobile platform but their latest release Android 4.4 is making waves in the market place.

As we know that all Android versions named after desserts just to make our life sweet. So this time Google has decided to keep their new android version name very special. Chocolate is a famous thing among the public and can easily attract anyone, so Google has decided to make it KitKat that is a very popular product of Nestle.

A long expectation of Android 5.0 with the expected name called Key lime Pie is now over and Google announced its new android version named with Kitkat 4.4. On the other hand Nestle is also going to take a big advantage in the market with this deal. Moving ahead with this deal Nestle is running a contest in which they are offering nexus 7 or Google play credits for the winners. Last month Nestle has reviled this deal on 20th November on its FaceBook page and that time its expected date was 15th Oct but now it is expected to come at 31st Oct.

As a leader in the Smartphone OS, Android has made a remarkable place and billions of the users are using it on their Smartphone devices. Today outsourcing for android development is really increased with a great pace. Million of the Android developers are developing apps for Google play store and this is one of the most famous mobile OS for developers also. Due to this vast use of mobile devices, Android developers are creating innovative and useful apps for the android users.

Last release of Android 4.3 named Jelly Beans was not so sweet because there was only little up gradation on the software. Bluetooth smart technology, multi user customization and better keyboard support were few of them. But this time Google is committed to give a better user experience with its latest release Android Kitkat 4.4 version. Google wants to bring Android in less powerful devices and it is expected that the new release will support devices with as little as 512 MB of RAM.

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