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Developing rich immersive web applications using HTML 5/CSS 3 on mobile & desktop browsers.

When Steve Jobs launched iADs with Toy Story commercial, it gave an inkling of what the web is going to look like in future. Evolving multimedia and smart devices have been pushing companies to endorse the next version of web using HTML 5.

HTML5 Development

has been helping companies create engaging user experience like never before.


Many Companies have taken the bold step of abandoning Flash and SilverLight altogether looking at the definite promise of HTML 5 & CSS 3. It is probably the iPad and other smart devices that have ushered in the era of HTML5 sooner than what we thought it would take. Although HTML 5 specifications are still evolving, but this is very significant due to the changed approach towards web, of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and now Adobe.

With the evolving computing platforms, HTML5 Development enables the content creator to present a new user experience on the web browsers without the hassles of plug-ins and with greater cross-compatibility on compliant browsers. With feature rich syntactical tags to handle multimedia and graphics content, the dependency on proprietary plug-ins, APIs is reduced.

Our 10+ years of experience in mobile application development makes adopting the handheld devices a cost effective option for organizations that would like their business to benefit from the next generation technology.

You can leverage Mobile Pundits' rich experience in CSS3, Mobile Website & HTML 5 Development to embrace modern web standards for your business with ease. Our expertise encompasses following key areas:

Touch Enabling Web Offerings:
Mobile web applications need special considerations during HTML5 Development. Our professional UI designers & HTML5 developers can help you develop HTML5 web applications optimized to take advantage of the device form factor & functionality. If required we even try extending the platform specific look & feel to the HTML 5 application.

Porting Existing Software/Product to HTML 5
Our HTML5 Developers can help in re-engineering key offerings of your existing product into a HTML5 based application & take advantage of the form factor of iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets and Windows Phone. /WP7 Smart Phones, iPad / Android Tablets.

Cross Browser Compatible HTML 5 Mobile/Desktop Web Applications:
Mobile Pundits can help you in developing cross platform compatible web applications.

Offline HTML 5 Applications:
Running a web application in offline mode without data connectivity is a completely new paradigm in web applications. With deep expertise in developing disconnected applications, Our HTML5 Developers can help in Engineering Offline Web applications (using web storage) to ensure continued access to your HTML 5 web application.


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