25 Points Checklist for creating a Cross Platform Application

The variety of smartphone platforms used by your business stakeholders today, i.e. employees, partners and customers is staggering. If you consider running a business app on these smartphones, each platform requires a different native app and a different development team to build it.


How do you handle this?

To figure out how prepared you are for embarking on your enterprise mobile application development initiative, in the checklist below, check off everything you are currently doing. Your score will go on adding in the counter. We sure do hope that you get a high score.

If you have made up your mind for doing a Cross-Platform development, the following checklist will help you to evaluate your needs and situation, and steer you in the right direction.


Business Considerations
1. Have you analyzed your user demographics i.e. the devices users are using?
2. Do you think there would be a need to launch the app on different mobile operating systems later?
3. Is there a need to have the same app flow and design on different platforms?
4. What form factors are you considering for building your application?
5. Is functionality and native performance more important for you than the look of interface elements?
Implementation Considerations
6. Is the business logic too complex?
7. Is a companion website needed for branding and promotion of your app?
8. Have you figured out the degree of exposure required for native functions (Native API compatibility)?
9. Have you checked if there are any OS specific constraints that can limit the usage of the app?
10. Is there a need for offline support?
11. Have you identified the native features and required plug-ins - both existing and custom?
10. Have you decided what data can be stored for offline access and what data needs to be put online?
11. Will your app need integration with any hardware device - memory, wearables, smartwatches, sensors, storage devices, GPS, camera etc.?
Technological Considerations
12. Can the complexity of business logic be handled by server side implementation?
13. Do you need support for backend communication protocols and data format?
14. Do you know if the native features can be implemented using WORA tools or native code needs to be written?
15. Are the required plugins available on the platforms and versions you will be supporting?
UI Considerations
16. Do you need support for sophisticated graphics (2D, 3D), animation, and multimedia?
17. Do you need support for native UI components, design patterns and dev tools?
Performance Considerations
18. Have you identified the app behavior when another application/ service comes to the foreground?
19. Does the application have any background processing requirements?
20. Is the tool being used high on CPU usage and power consumption?
21. Do you have heavy data processing requirements?
Maintenance Considerations
22. Will the app need enhancements or modifications in future?
23. Have you planned how to handle new devices with new OS versions, better screens, and performance capabilities?
Security Considerations
24. Does the development platform provide the required security features?
25. Does your application need identity management?
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